Watch E3 2015 Press Conferences Live Stream Inside; Full Schedule Starting at 8AM Pacific

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Bethesda just kicked E3 2015 off with a bang with Fallout 4 and DOOM but the E3 fun is just starting. E3 2015 is already here and press conferences will officially start today, June 15, at 8:30AM Pacific Time, 11:30AM Eastern Time, or 4:30PM British Time.

Watch E3 2015 press conferences from different game companies — from the not-so huge EA Games, Ubisoft, and Square Enix, to the bigger and most anticipated battle between Microsoft and Sony — live here at Inquisitr on the live stream window embedded above via Twitch’s E3 2015 live stream.

E3 2015 press events of celebrated gaming companies will stretch from June 15 to June 16 (except Bethesda’s early press brief yesterday), with an exclusive E3 PC gaming show on June 16 hosted by PC Gamer and AMD. The PC gaming show at E3 2015 will be the first PC-centric conference to be held at the E3.

The E3 live stream channel will officially go live 8:30AM PST which will be followed by smaller exhibitions. The first huge press event to watch out for in the E3 live stream channel will be Microsoft’s Xbox media event at 9:30AM PST. Ubisoft, EA, and Sony will also all host their E3 press events spread out on the whole of June 15. Nintendo and Square Enix will be holding their E3 press briefs on the morning of June 16.

Below is the list of official E3 2015 press events in Pacific, Eastern, and British time, hosted at the E3 live stream channel above.

  • Bethesda: June 14, 7PM PST| 10PM EST | 3AM BST (June15)
  • Microsoft: June 15, 9:30AM PST| 12:30PM EST | 5:30PM BST
  • EA : June 15, 1PM PST| 4PM EST | 9PM BST
  • Ubisoft: June 15, 3PM PST| 6PM EST | 11PM BST
  • Sony: June 15, 6PM PST| 9PM EST | 2AM BST (June 16)
  • Nintendo: June 16, 9AM PST| 12PM EST | 5PM BST
  • Square Enix: June 16, 10AM PST| 1PM EST | 6PM BST
  • PC Gaming Show: June 16, 5PM PST| 8PM EST| 1AM BST (June 17)

Apart from the above press events at E3 2015, the Twitch E3 live stream will also show the happenings at the E3 stage live from Los Angeles. Those who just happened to be at the opposite side of the world and couldn’t attend the biggest gaming event of the year could instead watch the E3 live stream as an alternative to stay on the loop on the biggest gaming and technology announcements throughout the week at E3 2015.

You can check also check the whole E3 2015 schedule and participate in the live chat at the Twitch site here.

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