E3 2015 Will Make Virtual Reality ‘The Next Big Thing’ In Gaming

The world is hours away from the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 2015 and millions of gamers are already anticipating the hottest and coolest gaming news that E3 will bring this year. Yearly E3 presentations by the biggest game producers like Sony, Microsoft, and EA Games are already expected in the upcoming E3, but game critics and enthusiasts are claiming that E3 2015 will be different—this year’s E3 will finally make virtual reality the “next big thing” in the gaming industry.

Tom Beardsmore, CEO of Coatsink, tells Newsbeat how ready the world is for virtual reality gaming.

It’s the first time, really, since the PlayStation 1 or the early days of 3D gaming where people get truly excited, shocked and amazed by the experience.”

Coatsink is the maker of famous virtual reality title, Esper, which will make its debut at E3 2015. Coatsink announced that gamers will be able to see and experience the demo of Esper with virtual reality console Oculus Rift in their exhibition in this week’s E3.

Virtual reality has been around for some time now, but the technology has never really broken out of its shell and captured the mainstream gaming market. Sky News reports, however, that analysts believe that this E3 will be the “coming-of-age” of virtual reality technology.

Organizers of E3 2015 reveals that up to 27 exhibitors will be showcasing virtual reality products on E3 2015, such as Facebook’s Oculus Rift, HTC’s Vive, and Sony’s Project Morpheus. This is a huge leap from last year’s E3 which only had 6 virtual reality exhibitions.

Sony demonstrates virtual reality headset Project Morpheus
Sony demonstrates virtual reality headset Project Morpheus

Just last Thursday, Facebook-owned virtual reality firm Oculus announced a partnership with Microsoft’s Xbox console. This shows how much confidence the market is showing for virtual reality. This new partnership between Oculus and Microsoft will immensely impact this week’s E3, where it is expected that there will be a showcase of the power of virtual reality gaming.

Beardsmore added that he feels that virtual reality’s huge percentage in this year’s E3 will showcase what virtual reality can do today, compared to what it accomplished years ago.

“Game development has moved on since the first VR headsets were available 10-15 years ago. You can create fully immersive 3D worlds now that look very realistic.”

The virtual reality showcase in this year’s E3 will definitely allow a lot of people to truly appreciate the power and capacity of virtual reality at this stage of technology advancement. With Samsung and Oculus planning to release virtual reality gears later this year, the exhibitions at E3 will surely attract a lot of consumers to the virtual reality technology.

Virtual reality, of course, is just one part of the huge E3 event. With a handful of titles already anticipated in this week’s E3, and with Bethesda starting E3 with a huge bang, we can only anticipate bigger and more exciting technology and gaming news from E3 2015.

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