Stalkdaily Phishing Attack Spreading on Twitter

Twitter is buzzing right now with news of links to a phishing site called stalkdaily spreading like wildfire as people are inadvertently clicking on the links. Apparently, when you click on one of those links and you’re still logged into the twitter service, your username and password is stolen and your twitter account hijacked.

Do not, under any circumstances, click on any suspicious links, links with the word stalkdaily, and do not visit the stalkdaily site at all. Your twitter account details will be stolen. has information on how to deal with stalkdaily if you’ve been affected at this link.

UPDATE: The stalkdaily twitter account has been shut down.

There may still be links spreading across the system though, so be careful what you click on for the rest of today and as soon as you’re finished reading this, go change your twitter password just to be on the safe side. Use upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters in your new password to make it stronger as well.

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