Sarah Stage: Breastfeeding Pic On Instagram Stirs, New Mommy Admonishes Critics

As the pop culture slang goes: “haters gonna — or gone — hate.” So when Sarah Stage posted a breastfeeding picture on Instagram Friday nursing her newborn son and got some flack from a reader, she read him the Riot Act — in a disarming manner, citing a People report.

Stage, who’s signed to Elite Model Management Los Angeles, uploaded a photograph that showed her in a tender moment with her baby, 2-month-old James Hunter. The new mommy dons an orange tank top and a pair of bright denims while breastfeeding the infant and looking at him in adoration.

It’s a priceless moment. However, for at least one of Sarah Stage’s followers, the pic wasn’t appropriate and didn’t sit well with them. User Joe_Pearlman tried to explain why he took the side against the breastfeeding mother.

“Because that’s lactation, it’s like someone pi**ing, it may not be sexual but it’s still disgusting.”

His response set off a firestorm from scores of others who support Sarah’s right to breastfeed her child. And most of the back and forth appeared to be a jousting match between Pearlman and user @bruhhtha, who had a simple piece of advice for his opponent.

“@joe_pearlman Your the disgusting one! Get off her page if you don’t like it”

It appears that Stage agreed. She cosigned on the advice by admonishing the user for suggesting she doesn’t have a right to nurse her own child and post a loving picture of the treasured moment.

“If you don’t like this pic, just unfollow me. No need to hate on a beautiful moment with my son #normalizebreastfeeding.”

Sarah gave birth to her first child just two months ago. From the beginning of her pregnancy, Stage detailed the journey in a diary on her social media accounts. The fitness and lingerie model came under fire early on when fans criticized her for continuing to push the limits at the gym and seemingly not providing proper nutrition to her growing baby.

They cited her itsy-bitsy baby bump photographs as proof for threatening the baby’s well-being. A few commenters even quipped at her barely-there bump.

“Where’s this baby hiding at?? Definitely not her tummy!!”

“My stomach looks bigger when I eat a big meal lol!”

Stage is a longtime fitness buff and foodie who advocates clean and organic eating. She proved that her adopted lifestyle maintained throughout her pregnancy did not jeopardize the baby’s health; James’ birth weight was a healthy eight pounds seven ounces.

Just like many other social issues, opinions over breastfeeding in public are largely mixed. But recently, an Aussie woman made news when a restaurant owner rushed to her side.

At a Cheese and Biscuits cafe in Rockhampton, Queensland, a patron approached a mother who was nursing her child and asked her to cease and desist. A verbal altercation ensued, but the owner of the cafe arrived and asked the man to either relocate to another table or leave the “breastfeeding-friendly” establishment, according to a previous Inquisitr report.

In this recent story, Sarah Stage took her breastfeeding picture criticism with a grain of salt. It wasn’t the first and likely won’t be her last as she captures and shares the loving moments of motherhood.

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