WWE News: Triple H And Seth Rollins Set To Face Off At ‘WWE SummerSlam’?

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has a big title defense tonight against WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose at WWE Money in the Bank. Ambrose was screwed out of the championship at Elimination Chamber and felt the best way to settle the score was to have a ladder match to decide the true winner. Unlike before, Rollins has to defend his championship without any help from The Authority.

Seth Rollins and WWE Executive Triple H have gone face to face a lot in the last few weeks. Rollins has become quite a problem for The Authority, and this is appearing to lead somewhere.

According to Cageside Seats, the idea going around is that if Roman Reigns wins Money in the Bank tonight, he very well could cash in his case later in the night on the winner of the main event World Title match, whether that is Dean or Seth.

Most believe it will be Ambrose because Seth Rollins has a lot to take on soon. If Roman walks out the winner, the plan is for him to defend the World Title at WWE SummerSlam in a few months against Brock Lesnar.

Meanwhile, the plan for Rollins is to have him face off with Triple H at the very same event. The story is set to be that Rollins is becoming a thorn in The Authority’s side. This will lead to Brock Lesnar coming back to get his revenge on Rollins for cashing in on him at WrestleMania 31 months ago. Lesnar is technically under suspension, so he has to be brought back by The Authority. Why would they do so unless it was planned for him to unleash hell on Rollins? This sort of return is not something The Authority would do unless it was to reach Seth Rollins a lesson.

That said, the planned match at WWE Battleground is for Lesnar to take on Rollins in a singles match. After this, Reigns and Lesnar will go at it as well as Triple H and Rollins the following month at WWE SummerSlam.

This seems to be the big plans going forward, which sort of gives us a spoiler for tonight at Money in the Bank. It seems all but confirmed that Reigns will win the MITB ladder match. It also seems to be that Reigns will cash in tonight as well. The only question is who he will cash in on. WWE has been talking about turning Roman Reigns heel soon. A great way to do this would be to have him take the WWE World Heavyweight Title from his best friend in the world and fan favorite, Dean Ambrose. So if WWE is planning a heel turn, it will happen tonight most likely.

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