WWE News: WWE NXT Closed Caption Operator Confuses NXT For TNA President Dixie Carter (Photo)

Closed Caption is a brilliant invention that allows the deaf or hard of hearing to enjoy a product just as much as the rest of the world by allowing them to see words on a screen that will inform them on what is being said. Every show has it now on television, which is a fantastic thing. WWE has it as well, but not just on television. They go the extra mile to have it on all of their channels on the internet, as well, from Hulu to YouTube.

Most of the time, nothing is messed up with closed caption. There might be a few issues here and there, but nothing drastic. Especially nothing that will continue numerous times on the same show. At least, that is the norm.

According to reddit user NeoHollywood, whomever was working the closed caption this past week for WWE NXT ended up completely messing up “WWE NXT” by writing out, repeatedly, “NXDixie Carter.”

NXT Becky

Many assumed when seeing this that the operator simply had a vendetta and wanted to add something TNA-related for no apparent reason. Others believe that a random mistake was made, and software simply made the mess up the same throughout the entire show. Clearly it was a big blunder, seeing as Dixie Carter has nothing to do with WWE, being the TNA President.

What is interesting is that there was no one with the name “Carter” on WWE NXT programming that night. So, how the operator was able to confuse the two is still something that puzzles us all.

At the end of the day, it is one of the funnier moments for WWE. This is not the first mistake WWE has made, of course. However, no one is sure about why the operator did this or why it has not changed. Even still, Hulu has the blunder.

The good part is that at least people know who Dixie Carter is, whether they are looking up “NXDixie Carter” or not is yet to be known. Therefore, TNA Wrestling got a bit of a plug, whether it was accidental or not.

WWE clearly is going to be looking into this, so we can’t expect to get this sort of hilarity every week.

[IMG Credits: Reddit-NeoHollywood]

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