Tom Cruise Crush On Katie Holmes Doppelganger After Scientology Scandal? Tom’s New Movie ‘Mission Impossible’ [Photos]

Tom Cruise has survived the crush era, when fans fainted at the sight of the uber-famous film star. But Tom has a new crush who oddly and eerily resembles Katie Holmes, reported the Stir.

Cruise, now 52, is dating a 22-year-old production assistant named Emily, who looks as if she’s channeling Katie. However, to put it in reference, the PA and Bella (daughter of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, who was adopted when Nicole and Tom were married) are the same age.

The new crush comes after the 2012 divorce between Katie and Tom, which reportedly involved Scientology. Holmes has custody of Suri Cruise, who is now 9.

Does Tom Cruise still have a crush on Katie Holmes?
Tom Cruise may still have a crush on actress Katie Holmes.

As the Inquisitr reported, Katie recently stunned with a new date and a cutout dress on the red carpet. And although Suri didn’t show up, she has become a hot topic again in the wake of a documentary about Scientology.

Cruise has admitted that the divorce resulted at least in part from Holmes’ desire to protect her daughter from being raised in the Church of Scientology. HBO’s Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief has taken viewers inside the world of that religion. Based on Lawrence Wright’s book, the documentary showcases both church officials and former members.

And among the highlights, the impact on Scientology celebrity members such as Cruise and John Travolta was detailed. Wright charges that Scientology head David Miscavige turns to such stars for two purposes: He employs them both to provide funds and to encourage others, including fellow celebs, to join.

Tom Cruise once crushed on Katie Holmes.
Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Suri Cruise in happier times.

Although Tom has remained on the defense when it comes to Scientology, when it comes to his own loves, Cruise is crushing primarily on movies these days, reported Channel 24.

Tom’s co-star Rebecca Ferguson spent time cruising with Cruise for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

“Tom and Chris (the film’s director) are walking cinema dictionaries. I’d have to go home and look up all the references they’d made,” revealed Rebecca.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise at his movie premiere.
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise attend the “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” U.S. premiere before their split.

Playing the role of Ilsa required the 31-year-old to get incredibly fit. So she took on the Mission: Possible of spending hours in the gym.

“They checked my physique. They had to know whether I could run, because for the stunt work they have to know that you are capable of doing it without tearing muscle tissue. It was six hours a day, six times a week – for six weeks. I forced myself to go to the gym. It was my mission.”

And Ferguson wasn’t the only one who felt compelled to keep up with Tom’s toned physique. Simon Pegg has co-starred with Cruise for years in their Mission: Impossible films.

“Tom never asks but he has a degree of professionalism you feel obliged to match, because if you didn’t you’d let the side down,” revealed Pegg. “He did all the driving and I did all the sitting in the passenger seat screaming. It was huge fun.”

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