Britney Spears’ Fiance to Become Husband and ‘Parent’ to Singer

Britney Spears is set to say “I do” for the third time, and her fiance is set to share conservatorship over the singer and her fortune, according to USAToday.

The singer’s father, Jamie Spears, is the primary holder of conservatorship over his daughter and her oodles of money, and has asked the court to add his future son-in-law, Britney’s fiance, Jason Trawick as co-conservator. The 40-year-old Trawick is Britney’s former agent. He asked her to marry him last December in Las Vegas. In addition to becoming husband no.3 for Britney, he will also… well… own her (in layman’s terms) and be her legal guardian of sorts when the two wed. Britney has been under the legal control of father Jamie since 2008 when she had a psychological breakdown (also in layman’s, the famous head-shaving incident).

It seems as though Britney’s father will continue to manage her finances, and Trawick will only serve as a sort of daddy-by-proxy; his responsibilities are limited to Britney’s well-being. He’s to make sure she’s eating properly, getting medical care when she needs it, etc. He’s not going to have anything to do with her finances.

Jeffrey Cohen, a Los Angeles probate attorney not involved in Britney’s case, was quoted suggesting that the move to co-conservator for Trawick hints at quickly approaching nuptials for the couple, and shrugged that it’s only natural for the future hubby to be involved in looking after the singer.

Spears has two kids with hubby no. 2 Kevin Federline, and lost custody of them at the rock-bottom of her highly publicized meltdown. The conservatorship will be lifted after Britney’s doctors tell a judge that she is well enough to look after herself. When will that happen? Who knows. It’s been almost five years already.

So Trawick legally becomes both husband and parent to Britney Spears when he says “I do”, and we at IQ are left to wonder when the 30-year-old singer will finally grow up.

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