LeBron’s Bloody Fall: James Accused Of ‘Jumping Into The Cameraman’

Was LeBron James’ fall into a cameraman during game 4 of the NBA Finals an exaggerated collision or a simple loss of balance? According to Andrew Bogut, the center for the Golden State Warriors, LeBron has only himself to blame for his bloody fall.

During the second quarter of the game, Bogut fouled James on both arms. LeBron then fell headfirst into a cameraman sitting along the baseline. The collision caused LeBron to cut his head on a camera lens. The wound began to bleed, and LeBron stayed down on the floor for several minutes.

LeBron stayed in the game and seemed to be fine for the rest of the time. LeBron’s wound required stitches to close it up. James complained of a headache but explained to reporters he didn’t have to go through the NBA’s concussion protocol.

“No, I didn’t have to go through any concussion protocol. I had a slight headache, which I think every last one of you guys would probably have if you ran into a camera… But I didn’t go through any protocol. I’m fine.”

Did LeBron exaggerate the aftermath of Bogut’s foul and “jump into the cameraman” as Bogut claims, or did LeBron get hit hard enough to collide with the cameraman? Cavs fans believe the foul was too hard and was the cause of LeBron’s hard collision; however, Bogut says he didn’t hit James hard enough to have caused the hard hit into the cameraman.

When asked about the incident by a reporter, Bogut accuses LeBron of jumping into the cameraman.

“I think he jumped into the cameraman. Yeah, I think he came down and took two steps and then fell into the cameraman. I definitely, definitely didn’t hit him that hard.”

The reporter then asked Bogut, “That’s how you saw it?”

“No, that’s how it was. If you look at the replay, you can see the two steps being taken and then him falling into the camera. That’s what we saw on the replay, and that’s what my teammates saw.”

LeBron seems to plant his feet before falling into the cameraman, but it’s hard to tell whether he pushed off to fall as hard as he did. ESPN/ABC commentator Mike Breen said during the telecast, “James just lost his balance.”

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 103-82. The Cavs will face the Warriors in game 5 of the NBA finals on Sunday.

Do you think Bogut is right, or did LeBron James simply lose his balance?

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