‘Super Smash Bros.’ Leak Reveals Two New Characters [Video]

A leak has revealed two new DLC characters for Wii U’s Super Smash Bros., including videos of both of the fighters in action.

Street Fighter’s Ryu and Fire Emblem‘s Roy will be the latest additions. According to Destructoid, fans can expect to see the Super Smash Bros. characters officially debut at the E3 conference tomorrow. Until then, here are the leaked videos of the two in action.

Here’s Roy from Fire Emblem.

IGN reports that the hackers obtained the footage by getting into the Japanese update, which apparently went up early. In addition to the new characters, the leak revealed new costumes from Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Mega Man, and Animal Crossing along with images of the Splatoon trophy.

There will also be new stages, like one from DreamLand 64.

For some, the new information won’t come as an enormous surprise. According to iDigitalTimes, the 1.0.6 update already contained hints that Ryu and Roy were well on their way to Super Smash Bros. Hidden sound files contained Ryu’s theme music from Street Fighter 2 and Roy’s music from Fire Emblem. Why the music was on the update is a mystery, but it started theories that the two were coming soon. Turns out that speculation was correct.

The additions could serve as another shot in the arm for the struggling Wii U system.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Super Smash Bros. was the fastest selling Wii U game, beating out the popular Mario Kart 8.

“During the three-day period of November 21-23, Nintendo sold 490,000 physical and digital units of Super Smash Bros. Wii U in the US, the company announced Tuesday. That makes it the fastest-selling Wii U game ever in the US market, knocking Mario Kart 8 off that perch.”

The game’s popularity led to a lobbying fight between developers to get their characters into the game and have a piece of the spotlight.

According to Forbes, Microsoft pushed for Banjo-Kazooie to become a fighter. Likewise, Indie developers were promoting Super Meat Boy as a new addition.

Nintendo opened the matter to a poll for Super Smash Bros. fans. The survey didn’t have any decision-making weight — the most popular characters would not be automatically included in a new DLC — but nominees would be considered. The list of potential additions was long.

While fans are waiting for official release of Ryu and Roy to Super Smash Bros., another update that adds Lucas from Mother 3 and costumes for Wii U shooter Splatoon will be available starting June 14.

[Image via Nintendo]

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