Susan Sarandon, Boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin, 37, Reunite: Susan, 68, Denies That Younger Boyfriend Is ‘Boy Toy’ [Video]

Susan Sarandon is back with her boyfriend. The 68-year-old actress showed up in New York with Jonathan Bricklin, 31 years younger, reported Us Weekly.

“They seemed very much in love,” confirmed an observer. “There is a real bond between them…. She introduced him to me as her boyfriend.”

Just one problem: Susan had stated that she had split from her boyfriend. However, a source said that actions speak louder their words.

“Their relationship is pretty much the same as it always was, beyond the fact that they said they split up, they still hang out all the time and hook up,” noted the insider.

In addition, Sarandon and her boyfriend have been sauntering around New York with Jonathan holding Susan close to his side.

The couple got together, despite the 31-year age difference, after her relationship with Tim Robbins ended. Susan and Tim had been together for 23 years, and he was 12 years younger.

So how did Sarandon meet her new un-boyfriend? It was during a Chile trip, and they are the co-owners of SPiN, which is a ping-pong lounge and entertainment chain.

Susan emphasizes that she never considers the age of a lover, reported Hello.

“It’s the soul of a person that interests me. When you are in love, the question of age, sex, color no longer holds any importance.”

At the time, Sarandon revealed that she did not live with her boyfriend.

“We don’t live under the same roof. We’re not an ordinary couple.”

In all, Susan has had three significant relationships, with two children. She married Chris Sarandon in 1967, then divorced after 12 years. Susan then became involved with Tim Robbins.

As for Sarandon’s boyfriend, don’t call him a boy toy, reported Page Six. The 37-year-old Bricklin declared that he will always love Susan.

“She’s someone I love more than anyone I’ve ever been with, and that won’t change,” declared the entrepreneur.

However, he does feel that the media contributed to problems, because he could never soar to Sarandon’s celebrity heights.

“I felt like I never lived up to that. I wasn’t a backup dancer for Madonna, so I felt like no one [knew] anything about me.?.?. she’s not dating some young male model that could look pretty in tabloid pictures.”

Actresses such as Susan are increasingly challenging the concept that getting older means retiring. As the Inquisitr reported, Jane Fonda has entered her “prime time” years and flaunted her ability to stay slim and sexy at 76.

And just as Sarandon believes in ping-pong, Fonda believes in fitness.

“I believe in fitness,” said Jane. “Whether you’re young, whether you’re old, whether you’ve been exercising or just starting. It’s important. Maybe the most important thing in having a successful, long life.”

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