Kate And Oliver Hudson Share About Their New Fabletics Line For Men, Kate Says Fabletics Great For Date Night!

Kate Hudson has caused quite the stir with her must-have pieces from her hot Fabletics line. Hudson’s athletic wear line puts the style in fitness and has the masses sporting her line as fitness gear as well as hype casual wear. The fit beauty has managed to become quite the competitor for other well-known brands, such as Lululemon, and has many women making the switch to the trendy and fashionable, body-flattering line.

Until now, it has simply been women that have been able to benefit from Hudson’s line. However, after teaming up with her brother Oliver Hudson, the two have expanded Fabletics to include a new men’s line named FL2.

During a chat with Hollywood Reporter, Kate revealed that adding a men’s line to her Fabletics brand was always encouraged.

“Almost immediately after we launched Fabletics, people started asking when we would create a line for men.”

In addition, Kate gave the publication a bit of insight as to where she and brother Oliver gained their inspiration for the men’s line.

“The inspiration behind FL2 is really the same as our female products — affordable, high-quality activewear that is functional enough for working out and other physical activities, and stylish enough to wear throughout the day.”

Kate’s older brother Oliver, also a talented actor, was a natural choice to be brought in as the spokesperson for the FL2 brand as he represents the type of man the clothing is made to suit- A busy, working, active family man, searching for quality, comfort and style.

Oliver communicated just how fitting the clothing line is for his own lifestyle.

“I’m the guy who’s doing the school runs and trying to squeeze in workouts in between the kids’ stuff and work. I used to show up in basketball shorts that were literally from 1985 and some ratty t-shirt, but now with FL2, I look put together.”

As well as being stylish and versatile, the Fabletics line is afforable with prices starting as low as $24.95. The hot new pieces of the FL2 line are now available for purchase at fabletics.com. Kate and Oliver are keeping you stylish and comfortable as you take on the everyday and achieve your fitness goals. Kate even recently told Elle that you could sport some of her pieces from both lines on a date. They are just that stylish. When asked by Elle if Kate would wear her pieces on a night out, she replied honestly.

“Any gym clothes? No. But a piece of athletic wear mixed into your look? Definitely. That’s what I want to create with Fabletics. You can have serious workout clothes and you can have stuff that’s really versatile.”

Take style along with comfort with you on that awkward blind date.

[Feature image via E!Online]

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