Nick Jonas Split? Olivia Culpo And Nick Jonas Not ‘Jealous’ As He Headlines Gay Pride Event, Talks LGBT Support [Video]

Nick Jonas is split from Olivia Culpo, at least for now, based on what’s been happening the last few weeks. But the pop singer and the beauty queen are split only in terms of their schedules, not in their Jonas Brothers-style sweet love, reported E! News.

Last together on May 17 for the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, “Jealous” single success Nick and Olivia have dated for two years. Although it’s about a month since they were together, they still are keeping the flames of their romance strong.

“They have not broken up,” revealed an insider. “Like any couple they have their ups and downs, but their foundation is really strong and they love each other.”

But Jonas in particular is pressed for free time. He’s got his album to promote, and when Kelly Clarkson begins touring in the fall, Nick is scheduled to be the opening act for the country music queen.

And when asked about the romance, Jonas insisted that no split existed. However, he admitted that isn’t not easy with his schedule and commitments.

“It’s good. The long distance is tough and dealing with that is always an interesting thing but it’s all good. You know, we’re both busy and young and enjoying life, and it’s going well.”

As for what’s next on Nick’s schedule, he’s replacing Iggy Azalea for Pittsburgh’s Pride in the Street concert, reported ABC News.

Jonas emphasized his support for the LGBT community.

“Having grown up in the theater and having made a lot of friends that were gay at an early age, it’s really, I think, great exposure to that community and the importance… as a heterosexual male speaking up and doing all I can to be of support.”

In addition, Nick’s career is taking off with the success of both “Jealous” and “Chains.”

The reason for having Jonas step in for Azalea stems from her social media comments, which were considered homophobic and racist, reported Fox News.

Following a firestorm of controversy from her anti-gay tweets, she canceled her appearance at the Gay Pride event.

However, Iggy also tweeted about various races.

“Is it wrong I feel happy to hear southern accents again & not mexican ones?” she posted on Twitter.

For Nick Jonas, life is all about facing new challenges, and he does so while coping with type 1 diabetes, as the Inquisitr reported.

“It’s a big transition,” admitted Nick. “I am stepping into what is really like starting over and that’s exhilarating, but also really frightening.”

While bolstering his music career with a new album and single “Jealous,” Jonas also is taking on new professional challenges with a TV role. He chose the opportunity to be cast as a mixed martial arts competitor on DirecTV’s Kingdom, working out for hours daily while following a low-carb diet.

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