‘Creepshow 2’ Lost Short Could Become A Reality In ‘Pinfall: The Movie’

Creepshow 2, while a shade of its 1982 predecessor, still holds up as a solid horror film with a cult following of its own.

The film didn’t do well enough at the box office to warrant a big budget sequel (though a critically panned sequel was eventually made and released direct-to-video).

But there was enough there to attract the same rabid fans, who ate the first film up with a spoon.

Part of the reason Creepshow 2 may have suffered was because it short-changed the audience on the amount of stories.

After a stellar first outing, which gave audiences five tales of horror (not counting the wraparound), the follow-up shaved two whole tales off, opting instead for three-plus-wraparound.

It also lacked the star power of the first film.

Still, it may have been better received if Stephen King and George Romero would have done everything they set out to do.

For example, there has long been rumored a “lost short,” which was planned but never filmed, entitled Pinfall. It was to be a zombie tale of revenge that goes down inside a bowling alley, Ain’t It Cool notes.

Now thanks to the power of the Internet (and crowdfunding), it could become a reality in the form of a slickly produced fan film from the U.K.

Pinfall needs £8500 (or around $13,226 U.S.) in order to shoot, edit, and complete. It’s a not-for-profit venture done by a team of professional filmmakers, who are simply fans of the second film and want to see it “completed.”

They have a campaign now underway over on IndieGogo, and if you want to contribute to it, you can by clicking here.

Before you head over there, however, you may want to give the teaser trailer a look. Keep in mind this is done on a shoestring budget. The cast is not set in stone and the dialogue is minimal. The final product promises to be more of a full-scale production, but even here, fans can see enough to get excited. (Plus, it’s a heck of a lot better looking than Creepshow III.) Give it a look!


If this fan film does get made, it wouldn’t be the first time that movie fans have taken their passion to the next level. Star Trek has a prolific history of slickly produced fan films, the most recent of which is a fan-made Riker spinoff.

What do you think about this “lost short” of Creepshow 2 — a good time or better left for dead?

[Image via YouTube screen grab of trailer, linked above]

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