Does Demi Moore Want Bruce Willis Back?

While daughter Rumer Willis has been seeing the hope of a new future opening up before her, it seems Demi Moore has been at the other end of the spectrum. Sources report that Ms. Moore has been feeling the frustrations of dating and of maintaining healthy relationships with members of the opposite sex. Feeling understandably frustrated by the failure of three marriages, Demi has “given up on men,” according to those close to Ms. Moore.

At 18-years-old, Demi entered into her first marriage with rock musician Freddy Moore in 1980, but that marriage only lasted four years. From there, Demi moved on to her most successful relationship with actor Bruce Willis. Ms. Moore and Mr. Willis remained together for 11 years, having three children together (Rumer, Tallulah Belle, and Scout LaRue), before they divorced in 2000. In 2005, Demi married Ashton Kutcher, amid criticism based on the 15-year age difference between Moore and Kutcher. In spite of those doubts, the marriage lasted for six years.

“Demi has pretty much given up on men! She is very single and very lonely right now. After Ashton, Demi feels that she is not going to ever really find that connection again with another man.”

Sources close to Demi Moore reported that the actress is now feeling run down by the problems with dating and has basically called a halt to pursuing any new relationships. One source close to Demi has said that Ms. Moore has lately been regretting the decision to end her second marriage. It seems likely that reuniting the family on a weekly basis for Rumer Willis’ Dancing With The Stars competitions may have given Demi a taste of how different things may have been, and Ms. Moore may now be more open to the stability of that family unit.

“Part of her wishes that she never left Bruce Willis. People try to set her up on dates and such, but she is just kinda over it at this period of her life.”

It seems that Demi has been developing a friendship with Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings), in spite of the frustation Demi feels about entering the dating scene. Sources reported seeing Ms. Moore and Orlando attending yoga sessions in one another’s company.

“They are both deeply spiritual characters who love yoga, meditation and new age philosophies. They’ve both been initiated into spiritual practice Usui Reiki and have started to practice on each other… At this stage it’s a casual thing, nothing serious and it’s not yet exclusive. But they’ve enjoyed several low-key dates together and the potential is definitely there for something steadier.”

Demi Moore has just finished filming on Wild Oats, a comedy that also stars Jessica Lange and Bill Connolly.

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