‘Kindergarten Cop’ Reboot: Remake Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Hit Confirmed

Kindergarten Cop reboot time has now arrived. Based on the hit film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, a remake of Kindergarten Cop has officially received the green light. It will now go into production with the possibility that success could lead to a version of the film coming to television. A report from Entertainment Weekly on Friday (June 12) serves as confirmation that this project is moving forward. Millions of 1990s movie fans may have just groaned with that announcement.

Don Michael Paul is slated to be the director of the new Kindergarten Cop. Past credits for Paul include several made-for-television or straight-to-video films like Lake Placid: The Final Chapter, Jarhead 2: Field of Fire, and Tremors 5: Bloodline. This seems to just about guarantee that this remake is being made for television and that one of the lesser networks will wind up airing it. The idea never seemed like one that would work in theaters again, especially when audiences enjoyed the Schwarzenegger version so much.

The original Kindergarten Cop hit theaters in 1990, making just over $91.4 million domestically. The film also earned an estimated $110.5 million in the foreign box office, raising its overall total to just under $202 million. The Ivan Reitman film was considered a huge success for star Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his character John Kimble becoming one of his most quoted roles. It will be very difficult or potentially impossible for a new actor to top what he accomplished in the part.

While there aren’t any names attached to the acting side of the project, it seems like there could be familiar faces to viewers that watch a lot of made-for-TV movies. Entertainment Weekly did release some plot details about the reboot.

“The leading cop with will be paired with an Indian sidekick named Sanjit. Instead of hunting down a criminal’s ex-wife, it’s tracking down a lost flash drive…that finds its way to a kids’ classroom. Hilarity will likely ensue. [sic]”

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be out promoting the new Terminator film very soon. It could be the prime opportunity for talk show hosts and interviewers to ask his thoughts on whether this new project will succeed or not. No release date has been announced for the Kindergarten Cop reboot, but it seems like an idea that could be filmed pretty quickly. That would limit the turnaround time and could mean that the new film comes out in 2016 at the latest.

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