Emma Watson: ‘Regression’ Teams Her With Fellow ‘Harry Potter’ Alum David Thewlis

Emma Watson is branching out with the new horror flick Regression, which teams Watson up with a Harry Potter alum.

Watson, 25, will team up with actor David Thewlis, 52, who played the character Professor Remus Lupin to Watson’s Hermoine Granger in five of the Harry Potter films, in the new horror film Regression, set for release on August 28 of this year, according to the Daily Mail. Set in Minnesota in the 1990s, Watson portrays Angela Gray (whom Watson portrays with an American accent), who at the beginning of the film goes to the police to file charges of sexual abuse against her father, John, portrayed by David Dencik.

When confronted with the charges, John immediately professes his guilt, but cannot recall what exactly had happened. Doctor Kenneth Raines, portrayed by Thewlis, is brought into the case to help John Gray recall the sexual abuse in question. Meanwhile, detective Bruce Kenner, portrayed by Ethan Hawke, 44, is brought in to investigate Angela Gray’s charges.

Upon investigating the crime, Watson’s Angela tells Hawke’s Detective Kenner about one incident where Watson’s character heard and saw a group gather together as if they were witnessing the crime being perpetrated against her. Kenner begins to realize that there is much more to this whole case than what he is privy to, so far.


Us Magazine is reporting that the scene Watson’s character is telling the detective about is rife with satanic images and demonic characters. Through the investigation, Kenner begins to unravel a national mystery possibly involving a satanic cult somehow attached to this case.

“I heard a knock at the door. There was an old lady. They were headed for my dad’s workshop. I could hear chanting. They were wearing robes,” Watson’s character recalls in a terrified voice. “I think they were following me”

The trailer ends with a montage shot of a “group” acting in concert, possibly satanically, at which Detective Kenner says, “This can’t be real.” A female voice says rather sinisterly, “Of course it’s not real.”

Regression will be directed by Alejandro Amenabar. Amenabar has been laying low since directing The Others with Nicole Kidman over six years ago. Prior to that, he directed Agora with Rachel Weisz. And, as with The Others and Agora, Amenabar will be working with his own script.

Watson will be taking a small break from her most important role as the United Nations Women’s Goodwill Ambassador. Word is Watson will resume her duties after a few acting roles.

[Image courtesy of the Daily Star, video courtesy of Youtube]

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