‘Big Brother 17’: Julie Chen Teases Premiere Episode With Pictures Of Draft Script

Julie Chen knows Big Brother fans are clamoring for any hint of information about the new season. The host of The Talk and longtime narrator of the Big Brother franchise teased fans on Twitter today, sending out pictures of her script binder for the night one premiere. As innocuous as the information might seem, Big Brother fans might see a spoiler underneath.

First, Chen sent out a shot of the binder with the show logo and her name, with a teasing caption.

Then, she sent out shots of the first and second pages of what was inside.

Julie Chen posted a page from her 'Big Brother 17' script binder on Instagram (Courtesy Julie Chen/Instagram)
Julie Chen posted a page from her ‘Big Brother 17’ script binder on Instagram (Courtesy Julie Chen/Instagram)

As Big Brother 16 was wrapping up last fall, Chen told Entertainment Weekly that she thought another “All Stars” season was unlikely at this point in the franchise, and that the game was better served with new house guests. The script page tweeted out by Chen says that there are “new house guests,” and the word “new” is underlined.

The television promo for the new season made waves this week as fans picked up on the promotion of “new house guests.” Interestingly, last year’s winner, Derrick Levasseur, revealed in a live feed chat on June 10 that he likes “new casts but we are almost due for an All-Star season.” Derrick, who will be blogging the new season, also emphasized he had no inside info on Big Brother 17.

CarterMatt weighed in Friday to approve of the idea of at least one more season with all-new players. Although it has been a few years since there was a full “All Stars” season, seasons 13 and 14 both featured a mix of old and new players. In season 13 couples from seasons past reentered the house, and in season 14 four returning house guests who started as coaches eventually joined the game as players.

Chen’s script also teases the customary brand new “twist.”

In years past, Chen has also taken fans on a tour of the new Big Brother house, which is redesigned every season. She and her co-hosts from The Talk also usually spend an episode playing a shortened version of the game.

Live feed viewers will find out who’s old and who’s new in the Big Brother 17 cast, as they are introduced on June 16. The game itself will debut on June 24 on CBS.

[Julie Chen photo by Jesse Grant / Getty Images Entertainment]

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