‘The Following’: Is Season 4 Possible?

The Following fans are extremely upset right now. The show got cancelled after Season 3, but everyone still hopes that it might be saved due to some miracle.

What disappoints people the most is that there were plans for Season 4 of The Following. According to the Inquisitr, producers were going to take the show in a new direction.

“The final moments of The Following had Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) presumably dead and leaving behind the life he had, including an unborn child with girlfriend Gwen (Zuleikha Robinson), to go after an organization of serial killers. Hawley said the plans for Season 4 were being discussed before they received the cancellation notice, but they did have some of it mapped out.”

Due to the sudden cancellation, many plot twists remained undiscovered and even more questions were left unanswered. Fans would like to see more moments with Max and Mike and find out what will happen next to Ryan. According to the Hypable, the question about Eliza’s bosses also bothers the audience:

“While The Following season 3 finale couldn’t possibly provide us with all the answers we wanted before we had to move on from the show, our biggest question — and the one we’re most upset about not having answered — is who Eliza worked for. Not having the answer to this question would’ve been fine if we had been able to look forward to season 4, but with the show’s cancellation, we may never find out who Ryan has now dedicated his life to stopping.”

The good thing is that there is a possibility that the show might actually get a chance for a new life. There have been precedents; for example, the online company Hulu recently rescued another Fox show The Mindy Project. According to Youth Health, though Hulu refused to help the show survive, there might be another savior coming over soon.

“There is still hope. After Fox cancelled “The Following” making season 3 the final chapter in the Kevin Bacon-led series, season 4 was being shopped around networks including online streaming sites. After Hulu said no to taking on the drama series, it seems that Netflix as the show’s new home is a better and more plausible alternative.”

It’s always hard to say goodbye to the good show, especially when there are many secrets left untold. So, hopefully, The Following will indeed get a second chance – in one way or another.

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