‘Wayward Pines’ Spoilers: The Truth Has Been Revealed And More Answers Are Coming

Can you handle the truth? That’s the question several characters were facing in Wayward Pines Episode 5, as the truth was revealed about the threat they face beyond the fence.

The latest episode of Wayward Pines, which the Inquisitr had previously listed as a summer show to watch, saw the Burke family find out a lot more about what they’re dealing with in and beyond the town – and why leaving is not and should not be an option. Ben was told the truth at his school – because the kids, the First Generation as they’re called, are told the truth since they’re the ones who are the future of humankind. But they can’t tell their parents because they won’t be able to handle it, as they’re told. Oh, and speaking of the future, they’re in the future, specifically in the year 4028. Coins from the year 2095 are ancient. The area around Wayward Pines is overgrown. Most importantly, there are the Abbies, violent descendants of humans, and the fences are in place to protect the town’s residents from them.

Meanwhile, Ethan found out the truth because he found a way to reach the area beyond the fence and went investigating in hopes of finding help and witnessed firsthand the changes. It’s the scientist responsible for this trip into the future 2000 years prior, David Pilcher (a.k.a. Dr. Jenkins), and Pam, who find him out there in the wild.

To a lesser extent, Theresa finds out some information about Wayward Pines via a man to whom she’s supposed to sell the party line and a house. He tells her he remembers waking up from his accident and looking out a glass window and seeing other people also in the sleep chambers that allowed them to be essentially in hibernation for 2,000 years.

Writing for Entertainment Weekly, Wayward Pines boss Chad Hodge pointed out that when the truth is revealed and you think about everything else, “It. All. Adds. Up.” Hodge called it “a reveal that made everything before it make sense in such a perfect way” and used it as an explanation for why he wanted to make this into a TV series.

Furthermore, more answers are coming, Hodge went on to say, promising, “There are no tricks, lies or manipulations in Wayward Pines.”

“When Ethan (Matt Dillon) leaves a voicemail for his wife Theresa (Shannyn Sossamon), he’s really leaving her a voicemail. When Theresa looks down at her phone and sees she has no voicemails, she really has no voicemails. When Beverly (Juliette Lewis) dies, she’s really dead. When Sheriff Pope (Terrence Howard) dies, he’s really dead. Everything is true, and everything adds up. I know you might still have a few questions… how exactly did everyone survive these 2,000 years? Time travel? You’ll get more answers in the next episode, some very cool nuts and bolts that show you how and why and when.”

Among the answers coming up is why people were chosen, as Hodge told TVLine.

“A lot of people were chosen for specific reasons, Ethan for sure. Some people were chosen because they happened to be around Wayward Pines and they could easily hijack or abduct them. Some people were chosen because this is actually a better life than the life they had before — you’ll see a lot more of that as we go through Episodes 6 and 7.”

Hodge said it’s “interesting” what Ben does now that he has the answers he does and pointed out that he didn’t have the best life in Seattle.

The showrunner also teased that “there are constant reveals” throughout the rest of the season and “a lot of the latter half of the season is about ‘Is Wayward Pines a good thing, a bad thing? Is it as simple as good and evil, or not?'”

Wayward Pines airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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