‘Redneck From Oklahoma’ Video Goes Viral: ‘Storms Get Me Pumped Up!’

The “Redneck from Oklahoma” video that you’re about to see is part of the reason YouTube remains a favorite time-waster for people around the globe.

Being able to pull up random videos of everyday people in different parts of the country is a mixed bag. Sometimes it can be boring and pointless, and other times, well, ‘Murica!

That’s how you’ll feel when you see what this man thinks about storms anyway.

Before turning you loose to watch this, I think it’s fair to say, as a card-carrying member of the western Arkansas-eastern Oklahoma border, the term “redneck” isn’t always disparaging.

There are many people around here who proudly wear it, and to them it means southern pride and hard work. So by calling this man “Redneck from Oklahoma,” I don’t think the original YouTube poster means to attach the connotations of bigotry and racism that Robert L. Chapman does in his Dictionary of American Slang.

And you certainly can’t derive from the video itself that this man is a bigot or a racist. He is a storm lover, though, and apparently an expert because he watched the movie Twister.


Okay, now that you’ve sat through that, I might as well let you in on the joke. Even though this “Redneck from Oklahoma” is quite convincing — again, I live around these parts, so I know — it’s actually a comedian and musician from Stigler, Oklahoma, named Jeremy Collins, and I assume that’s Carrie Collins shooting the video.

You can find this as well as more of the couple’s videos on their personal Facebook page. You might also be shocked to find out that when it comes to musical ability, the guy is quite talented.

Just check out his soon-to-be smash hit single “Terd in a Bucket” below.

Even though the news is now out about Mr. Tigernado’s real identity, some people on YouTube simply didn’t believe it.

“hit by lightening before you say???? [sic] I believe you brother…. it shows…lmaooooo what a hoot”

“Meth at it’s finest”

“Textbook meth head behavior right here.”

“btw wtf does he mean by ‘tiger’? lol… like it’s going to ‘roar’ from all the loud thunder… it will be ferocious… or is he hopped up on meth/acting skills and thinks there will be literal tigers in the storm lol?”

So what about it, readers? Did you think the “Redneck From Oklahoma” was real? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via YouTube screen grab]

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