Rockstar Bringing Original Max Payne To iOS, Android Devices

Happy dance of joy! Rockstar Games is reportedly getting ready to bring the original Max Payne to both the iOS and Android device lineups.

Retitled Max Payne Mobile the port is expected to carry over most of the original PC game from Remedy while adding Social Club functions and a new revised and customizable interface for touchscreens.

The new title for your iOS and Android devices is meant to precede the upcoming release of Max Payne 3 which will reach PCs in May.

Highly inspired by crime novels and film noir the game features mobsters and other enemies which the character Max Payne must fight off using a heavy arsenal of guns. The game became popular thanks to excellent story telling and the use of “bullet time” which slows down the action in heavy firefights so players can perform leaps and dives in order to avoid incoming shots.

The iOS version of Max Payne is expected to arrive on April 12 and will require at least an iPhone 3GS, first-gen iPad or fourth-gen iPod Touch. Following on April 26 will be the release of the Android version for which device requirements have not yet been released.

The one big question still on our minds is how much will the game cost? Rockstar has been mum on pricing details, although I have a feeling fans of the franchise will be willing to dole out for the chance to play Max Payne whenever they feel like it, especially with touchscreen capabilities thrown into the mix.

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