Watch The Best Moments From Chris Pratt’s Endlessly Charming ‘Jurassic World’ Press Tour

Jurassic World opened Thursday, but Chris Pratt’s been on an international press tour promoting a while now, which has given him time to rack up plenty of moments to make people laugh and, let’s be honest, fall in love with him.

For starters, before embarking on the press tour, Pratt delivered a pre-emptive apology designed to save face in case something slips in the heat of the moment, but it’s so humble that it comes across as just likeable.

“I want to make a heartfelt apology for whatever it is I end up accidentally saying during the forthcoming Jurassic World press tour. I hope you understand it was never my intention to offend anyone and I am truly sorry. I swear. I’m the nicest guy in the world. And I fully regret what I (accidentally will have) said in (the upcoming foreign and domestic) interview(s). I am not in the business of making excuses. I am just plain dumb. Plain and simple. I try. I REALLY try!

“When I do (potentially) commit the offensive act for which I am now (pre) apologizing you must understand I (will likely have been) tired and exhausted when I (potentially) said that thing I (will have) said that (will have) crossed the line. Those rooms can get stuffy and the hardworking crews putting these junkets together need some entertainment! (Likely) that is who I was trying to crack up when I (will have) made that tasteless and unprofessional comment.

“Trust me. I know you can’t say that anymore. In fact, in my opinion it was never right to say the thing I definitely don’t want to but probably will have said. To those I (will have) offended please understand how truly sorry I already am. I am fully aware that the subject matter of my imminent forthcoming mistake, a blunder (possibly to be) dubbed, ‘JurassicGate’ is (most likely) in no way a laughing matter. To those I (will likely have had) offended rest assured I will do everything in my power to make sure this doesn’t happen (again).”

And then the Jurassic World tour began in earnest, and we learned things about the lovable doofus with the six-pack abs that furthered his “crush” status.

Heels pose no problem for Chris.

On The Late Late Show with James Corden, Pratt demonstrated he could very easily escape from any kind of dino, even wearing brilliant red pumps.

Chris isn’t fazed by any freaky exploits Dinosaurs might get up to.

When Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard stopped by MTV’s After Hours to talk about Jurassic World they were instead asked to recite popular Dino erotica. (Warning: Adult and NSFW content).

Pratt’s acting range is out of this world.

On Conan, Chris shows the three very different faces he used during the filming of Jurassic World.

Chris can sing — despite the fact that the lyrics don’t make any sense.

On The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Pratt nails Nonsense Karaoke.

Impersonations are easy.

When the tour hopped the pond to London, Chris shows off a mastered low-rent British accent on The Graham Norton Show.

From what we’ve seen of Chris Pratt since he became a mega-star and before, he could very well be “the nicest guy in the world.”

Catch Jurassic World at a theater near you.

[Image courtesy EW via Yibada]

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