Selena Gomez Mentors Kylie Jenner As She Reportedly Asks Taylor Swift For Songwriting Advice

Selena Gomez is not only working on her own music, she’s also helping out Kylie Jenner with her new album. The “I Want You To Know” singer is helping the 17-year-old find her own voice, so to speak.

It’s been rumored that Kylie Jenner is working on a secret album with her boyfriend, Tyga. She also has come to Selena Gomez for advice on finding her own music style. Although Kylie’s music will be different from Selena’s, she still looks up to her friend and appreciates her advice, according to an alleged source.

“Kylie wants to create a sound all of her own, similar to what Iggy Azalea has done. She’s been working on chill hip hop music with Tyga and yes, he will be featured on her album. Selena is one singer who has taken Kylie under her wing. Her music will be different from Selena’s, but Kylie still looks up to her, and appreciates her feedback and advice when it comes to the music business.”

Now it looks like Selena Gomez could use some help with her own music. So she’s asking none other than Taylor Swift to help her out with the songwriting process. Another alleged source told Hollywood Life that Swift is helping Gomez write songs for her new album.

“Taylor is such a prolific songwriter and strong woman. She has really had a profound impact on Selena. She encouraged Selena to make an effort to write more of her own songs. Taylor thinks it’s so important for young artists to take ownership of their music and not let record labels decide what their sound is going to be. She only wants the best for Selena.”

The source also added that Swift and Gomez have already begun the writing process. The besties have written a few songs together. Not only is Gomez working with Swift, but she’s working with Swift’s boyfriend, Calvin Harris.

“Taylor has sat down with Selena a few times to talk about the writing process. Despite all her success, Taylor never comes across as arrogant or like a know-it-all. She just suggested a few things that helped her along the way and now Selena has incorporated them into her music.

“Selena has even shared some of the tracks she’s working on with Taylor and Calvin to get their feedback. She respects them both so much and feels incredibly grateful that she has them as supportive friends.”

However, Gossip Cop says that the report is not true. Though Selena and Taylor are good friends, they’re not writing songs together anytime soon. But that hasn’t stopped fans from dreaming about a Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez collaboration.

A lot of news is coming out about Selena Gomez’s new album, thanks to her vocal coach Stevie Mackey. What should Selenators expect from their pop queen? Selena is going for more of a mature sound. She is also going to sing about female empowerment and her ex, Justin Bieber. Stevie told the Hollywood Life that Selena will indirectly sing about Justin in her songs.

“She doesn’t mention him directly. But one could deduce that she is [singing about him]. Most artists sing about their present or past relationships in their music. Selena’s no different.”

According to Gomez’s vocal coach, her album will be a mix between Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson. She will also bare her soul as she sings about all her experiences, not just her relationship with Bieber.

“Think Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ meets Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger.’ Selena’s new music vibe is all about self empowerment. She said she wanted to sing songs that reflect where she is in her life, her inner strength, her struggles and challenges, her ups and downs, and most importantly, coming out on top. It’s really important that her music be authentic and honest. The word ‘honest’ will be a key theme in the album. An album she describes as baring her soul.”

It sounds like Gomez is really experimenting with an “adult sound” on her new album. Stevie Mackey assured that Gomez’s new album would be different from Stars Dance and her previous albums. Gomez has not only been working on the writing process, but also on her vocals.

“Selena’s voice sounds amazing and her album will be much different than the Disney sound she’s done in the past. This album will be more adult, more feminine and more about Selena’s experiences. She’s recorded a lot of new songs at this point and she sounds beautiful.”

Selenators, what are your thoughts on her new album? Are you excited to hear her new sound? Do you think Selena Gomez is the perfect musical inspiration for Kylie Jenner? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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