Ripping all that vinyl to MP3 the easy way

At one time I had a hell of a record collections that came from years of haunting import and specialty record stores. Everything from colored vinyl records (I had one of the few white vinyl albums by Synergy) to music that was unheard of on this side of the ocean (that was my introduction to European House); but that is all gone now thanks to ex-wife number one. It is too bad that when this all happened computers and MP3 didn’t even exist let alone the Denon Trans Music Convertor.

If it had been available back the I would still have all that great music as this bad-boy turntable comes equipped with an integrated MP3 encoder and a USB port. With a single press of a button the turntable takes over and encodes the album playing into a 192kbps MP3 file as well as adding the song’s metadata from Gracenote.

At a price of $292.54 USD (£199.99) it might seem a little steep but if you have a really big collection of vinyl gathering dust it might just be worth it to be able to bring your favorite tunes into the present.

[hat tip to SlipperyBrick]

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