‘GoT’ Withdrawal Symptoms? Take A Full ‘Game Of Thrones’ Location Tour

For anyone experiencing “GoT” withdrawal symptoms after the shocking end of season five, a map has been put together showing every place used so far as a Game of Thrones location across Europe and in Morocco.

If you have the time and the money, you too could visit all these stunning and iconic locations used in the popular HBO series.

The following is a brief rundown and map by country with no doubt many more exciting locations to come in the next season.

Northern Ireland

Game of Thrones Location
Shane’s Castle, the Tournament Scene

Northern Ireland has seen many a Game of Thrones location right from the beginning. In the pilot, Carncastle in Co. Antrim and Castle Ward in Strangford, Co. Down were both used as a set for “Winterfell.”

Shane’s Castle in Randalstown featured the “Tournament Scene” and the “Forests of the North” scenes were set in Tollymore Forest Park at Bryansford, close to Newcastle.

Game of Thrones location
The Dark Hedges – the road from King’s Landing

Season one also saw many a Game of Thrones location in Northern Ireland, including the Glens of Antrim, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Ballymoney in Co. Antrim, both beautiful locations for the “Dothraki Sea.”

“Castle Black” and “Hardhome” scenes were shot at Magheramorne Quarry and the “Shooting of the Direwolf” scenes were filmed a former Norman settlement in Ballycarry, Co. Antrim.

The “Entrance to Vaes Dothrak” scenes were captured in Sandy Brae.

Season two saw the filming of the “Stormlands” in Cushendun Caves and Larrybane Quarry in Co. Antrim. The “Road from King’s Landing” was set in an eerie spot called The Dark Hedges. Ballintoy Harbour was the set for “Lordsport” and the “Burning of the Seven” took place in Mussenden.

Finally in Northern Ireland, season three saw the beautiful Murloch Bay as a set for “Iron Island.” See the map of “GoT” locations in Northern Ireland below.

Game of Thrones location
GoT locations in Northern Ireland


Game of Thrones location
Aït Benhaddou in Morocco

As can be seen from the full map of Game of Thrones locations, this exotic location in North Africa was used in the pilot episode with Ouarzazate in southern-central Morocco featuring as “Pentos.”

Also the fortified city of Aït Benhaddou was the ideal set for both “Yunkai” and “Pentos” scenes in season three.

Essaouira, a popular tourist spot on the Atlantic coast, featured as “Astapor” in season three.

See the map showing the various “GoT” shooting locations in Morocco below.

Game of Thrones location


As can be seen above, Bonnie Scotland has had a brief look-in as a Game of Thrones location with Doune Castle in the Stirling district of central Scotland starring as yet another “Winterfell” location in the pilot episode of the series.


Azure Window, Gozo, Malta

Many scenes in season one were filmed in the stunning island country of Malta, nestled out in the Mediterranean Sea.

The “Red Keep Dungeon” scenes were filmed in Fort St. Angelo and the “Red King Gate” in King’s Landing featured in Fort Ricasoli in Kalkara, Malta.

The “Red Keep” itself was filmed at San Anton Palace in Attard, the official residence of the President of Malta.

Daenerys and Drogo’s wedding was held at the Azure Window on the island of Gozo in Malta. Other scenes included Mdina Gate as the “King’s Landing Gate,” the grounds of Verdala Palace starring as “Illyrio Mopatis’ House,” Fort Manoel as the “Great Sept of Bailor” and Fort St. Elmo as “Sowbelly Row.”

The map of Malta showing the various locations is included below.

Game of Throne Location


Starting in season two, Croatia started featuring as many a Game of Thrones location. Scenes of the “Red Keep” were filmed in Lovrijenac Fortress, “King’s Landing” scenes were shot in Ston and Dubrovnik and Lokrum starred as “Quarth.”

Game of Thrones location
Klis Fortress, Croatia

Season three saw Mrkan Island used as a backdrop for various scenes and Minceta Tower became the “King’s Landing Gardens.”

In season four, Split became a location for “King’s Landing” and the fascinating, more than 2,000-year-old Klis Fortress was used as a set for “Meereen.”

For the “Landscapes of the West” scenes, Krka National Park was a stunning location. There was also a return to Minceta Tower for scenes of the “House of the Undying.”

In Season five the city of Sibenik featured as the “Braavos” location. See the map showing the shooting locations in the image below.

Game of Thrones location


For a chillier backdrop, the country of Iceland is the perfect Game of Thrones location with amazing scenery. In season two, Hofdabrekka was the scene of those chilly “Frostfangs Mountains” and “North of the Wall” was filmed in two locations, Svinafellsjokull and Vatnajokull.

Lake Myvatn also starred in the “North of the Wall” scenes in season three, along with Dimmuborgir as the setting for the “Wildling Camp.” The “Thermal Spring,” otherwise known as “Jon and Ygritte’s Love Nest” scenes were filmed in the Grjotagja Cave.

Game of Thrones location
Grotagja Caves, Iceland

Season four saw the Thingvellir National Park appearing as a Game of Thrones location, representing “North of Westeros.”

The full map showing Iceland shooting locations is included below.

Game of Thrones location


Heading to the sunny south of Spain, this stunning Game of Thrones location was introduced in season five, with the Real Alcazar Palace in Seville featuring as the “Royal Palace of Dorne.”

Game of Thrones location
The Royal Alcazar Palace in Seville, Spain

The Plaza de Toros (or bull ring) in Osuna set the scene as “Danzak’s Pit” and let’s not forget the Roman Bridge in the historic city of Cordoba starring as the “Long Bridge of Volantis.” See the map of the Spanish “GoT” shooting locations below.

Game of Thrones location

The Inquisitr recently reported that a U.S. company is offering Game of Thrones tours in this area, including other iconic destinations such as The Alhambra Palace in Granada and the capital city of Madrid.

There is also talk of the historic city of Girona in Spain featuring in Game of Thrones in the upcoming season six of the popular HBO series.

Hopefully this brief tour of the various GoT locations has eased the withdrawal symptoms suffered by so many fans after the dramatic ending of season five. Now we look forward to season six, when the story continues in many more equally amazing locations.

[Images: Featured image the Dark Hedges CC by 2.0 horslips5 – Shane’s Castle CC by SA 2.0 Kenneth Allen – The Dark Hedges CC by 2.0 Mike Kniec – Aït Benhaddou CC by SA 3.0 Donar Reiskoffer – Azure Window CC by SA 2.0 Vicki Burton – Klis Fortress CC by SA 3.0 Roberta F. – Grotagja Caves CC BY-NC 2.0 Sergii – Real Alcázar, Seville CC by 2.0 Cat – Girona Cathedral CC by-SA 3.0 J.Ligero & I.Barrios]

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