Pitch Perfect 3: Updates, Rumors, And Casting

Universal is in negotiations to bring back the Barden Bellas for a third installment of the Pitch Perfect franchise.

As first reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Universal has started negotiating with Kay Cannon, hoping to bring her back for Pitch Perfect 3.

Kay Cannon is the original writer of the first and second installments of the Pitch Perfect series.

The first film was based, very loosely, off a book called Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory written by Mickey Rapkin. Although the book is non-fiction, the movies follow a comedic and fictional interpretation of the ideas in the book.

Despite the Pitch Perfect story having been born from a non-fiction book written by a GQ senior editor, Cannon has been the only writer working on the script for each film.

As she told the LA Times in April, Cannon is “glad to have been the only writer” in the Pitch world. She also mentioned that she’s been thinking of what could be done for a third film. It stands to reason, that if a deal is reached between her and Universal, the continuity should be iron clad.

The question is, how could they possibly bring the Barden Bellas back after the ending of Pitch Perfect 2?

What happened? You’ll have to see the film to find out.

There’s very little information on Pitch Perfect 3 so far, but there are rumors floating around about the leading ladies.

Anna Kendrick is arguably the face of Pitch Perfect. Unfortunately, there’s no reliable information leading to the belief that she’s in talks for the third film. She did post something amusing on Twitter about an alternate-reality, however.

It’s probably safe to say that statement doesn’t have anything to do with the actual third film, though it would expand the target audience.

Rebel Wilson is another story.

Rumors have been circulating that the actress portraying Fat Amy has already completed negotiations and that she will be in the third film.

According to the LA Times, Wilson was very excited about the third Pitch Perfect and told them she’d recently joined the project. She added that she didn’t know about Kendrick and planned on asking her.

The only actress that will definitely be returning for Pitch Perfect 3 is Hailee Steinfeld. Universal locked her in for the third film when she was hired for the second.

How do you feel about Pitch Perfect 3? Who do you hope returns?

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