WWE News: Paul Heyman Pitched CM Punk To Break The Undertaker’s ‘Wrestlemania’ Streak

As he prepares to return to WWE television alongside his client Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman claims that he pitched an idea that would have changed the landscape of WWE and rewritten history as we know it.

During his appearance on Chael Sonnen’s You’re Welcome podcast, Heyman revealed that he pitched for his former on-screen client, CM Punk, to defeat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29, thus ending the storied undefeated streak of the Undertaker on the grandest stage of them all. The reason, as Heyman goes on to elaborate, was an attempt to sway the disgruntled former WWE champion to stay.

Evidenced by his sudden and tumultuous departure from WWE in early 2014, Punk left the company on bad terms, citing issues with pay, creative direction, and general frustration with the company, among other issues for his decision. However, Heyman states that he believed a victory of that magnitude at the WWE’s biggest annual event was actually the only thing that might have convinced Punk to stay.

Heyman added that if it was his decision, Punk would have been the one to defeat the streak at Wrestlemania 29. It would have given Punk a big storyline to “capitalize” on and continue as a WWE superstar. But that was not the case as Undertaker scored a pinfall victory over Punk, raising his undefeated streak to 21-0. That opened the door to his other client doing what Heyman thought was destined for Punk.

At Wrestlemania 30, the “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar shocked the wrestling world when he delivered a third F5 to the Undertaker, ending the streak. He proceeded to go on one of the most dominating stretches in WWE history, winning the WWE World Heavyweight championship months later, retaining it twice, and main eventing Wrestlemania 31.

In Heyman’s words, the “stars were aligned for it,” giving Lesnar arguably the biggest victory in the history of the company.

It would be a fair argument to say that Punk defeating the Undertaker would have done little to change his thinking as he was disgruntled for a long time before the match with the “Phenom” was presented to him. During his historic 434 day reign as WWE champion, Punk was rarely main eventing pay-per-views and dropped his championship to The Rock, something he said he did not want to do on his podcast with Colt Cabana.

So, while a victory at Wrestlemania might have prolonged Punk’s tenure, it would have likely delayed the inevitable.

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