Dorinda Medley On ‘RHONY’ Co-Star: Bethenny Frankel Had A Target On Her Back

Dorinda Medley is speaking out in defense of Bethenny Frankel. According to the RHONY newcomer, it should be no surprise how her co-star responded to Kristen Taekman as it seemed Frankel had a target on her back.

Sharing her thoughts on Tuesday’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York, Medley took to her Bravo blog on Thursday to defend her co-star’s response to Kristen Taekman’s attack during Ramona Singer’s pre-holiday party. According to Medley, Heather Thomson was still upset with Bethenny, Luann de Lesseps was annoyed with Frankel, and after Carole Radziwill stirred the pot with Taekman, Kristen was unhappy with her co-star as well. Dorinda says it felt as though Frankel had a target on her back that night as the Housewives lined up to take issue with her.

“That night, it seemed Bethenny was the target. But it was so aggravating because it seemed like there was literally a line forming to take hits at her. Like a line for a picture with Santa at Macy’s, but instead of wish lists, billy clubs and night sticks. As soon as she walked in, the punches started swingin’!”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, after Kristen finally had the chance to speak to Bethenny at the holiday party, Frankel promptly shut the conversation down once she determined where the discussion was going and refused to engage with her co-star any further. According to the Skinnygirl mogul, she did not call her co-star dumb, however.

“I saw her winding up the whole party and simply couldn’t do it. We didn’t click. J’adore Carole, and I genuinely consider her a friend, but she has no idea what she is talking about. I never said Kristen didn’t register the trademark. I never said Kristen was dumb. I had no idea about either of these things.”

According to Medley, the RHONY star’s response to Taekman is not surprising to anyone who knows anything about Frankel, especially to her co-stars, who should know better by now.

“Haven’t we learned anything in this last few weeks? Bethenny does not like to be confronted on the spot…who does??? This kind of approach is a recipe for disaster — and not just with Bethenny — with ANYONE who doesn’t like to waste their time.”

Dorinda Medley is not the only RHONY cast member who thinks Kristen Taekman’s decision to approach Frankel at the party was a bad idea. Luann de Lesseps says it will take time before Bethenny will even engage with Kristen Taekman or Heather Thomson in any meaningful way.

“Bethenny can only take so much and I was just having a heartfelt conversation about the state of her emotions before Kristen interrupted us. But Bethenny and I have been friends for years and she barely knows Kristen. It’s going to take [her] some time before she engages with Kristen or Heather on any meaningful level.”

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