‘Married At First Sight’ Split: Couple Talks Decision To End Marriage, Where Do Things Stand Now?

The Season 2 finale brought one Married at First Sight split, while the other two couples decided to stay together. Who chose to stick it out and who called it quits? Does the divorcing couple have any regrets about their decision?

The premise on A&E’s show is that three couples get married to one another without having ever met before after going through the show’s matching process. Then, they get to know one another over a handful of weeks and figure out whether they’ll continue their marriage. Against all odds, some of the couples have managed to stay together. During the Season 2 finale that just aired, however, there was one Married at First Sight split.

As the New York Post shares, Sean Varricchio and Davina Kullar decided not to continue their marriage as the season wrapped. Their decision to split may not have come as a big surprise to viewers who watched the tension build between Davina and Sean. While each of the three couples had their difficult moments along the way, the other two couples decided they wanted to continue the relationship they started on the show.

The sparks briefly flew for Sean and Davina at the altar, but things quickly fizzled on the honeymoon. The show has revealed that this is the one couple of Season 2 who never consummated their marriage, and at this point, they are not even on friendly terms. The New York Post reveals that they interviewed the two reality TV stars separately rather than together, and the two haven’t talked to one another other than doing the reunion show that will air over the next two weeks.

For her part, Kullar says that she feels she never got to know the real Sean, she didn’t connect with him, and she didn’t really know who she married. Varricchio says he felt he was always walking on eggshells, and it was difficult to see a pathway to building a successful relationship. While ultimately Sean’s resistance to move to Manhattan to be with Davina was the breaking point, there were plenty of signs of trouble along the way.

Things weren’t always smooth sailing for Ryan Ranellone and Jaclyn Methuen, but as the Daily Mail notes that they ended Season 2 saying they wanted to stay married. Ryan DeNino and Jessica Castro also decided to continue their marriage in spite of some rocky moments. Reunion shows will air on June 16 and 23 and fans will be anxious to catch up with all three pairs.

So far, there is no confirmation on the network doing Season 3 of the show, so fans will have to stay tuned. How tense will the reunion shows be? Will the other two couples still be together, or could there be another Married at First Sight split ahead?

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