A ‘Jurassic World’ Fan Theory That Connects It Directly To ‘Jurassic Park’ And Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

Jurassic World is set to make its highly anticipated domestic premiere tomorrow, even though there will be lots of Thursday night screenings. Many are going to rush out to see it and hope that it delivers the excitement and awesome feelings delivered by Jurassic Park back in 1993. Well, as it needed more hype, a fan on Reddit has brought forth a theory that directly connects both films and is amazing.

Fans are already looking for possible tie-ins that could bring together the two films. Universal Studios has also said that Jurassic World takes place 20 years after Jurassic Park as a direct sequel, and ignoring the second and third films.

Well, this connection made by Reddit user “Farceur 318” is both spot-on and thought-provoking.

“In the upcoming Jurassic World, Chris Pratt’s character, a velociraptor trainer, is the chubby kid that Grant frightens at the beginning of the original film. Grant tells hims to ‘have a little respect’ for raptors, and in the trailers for Jurassic World, Pratt’s character describes his relationships with the parks raptors as ‘a relationship based on respect.’

Honestly i like this one so much that the movie will have to actively contradict it for me to not just assume that it’s true.”

That is actually one of the most intelligent theories, yet so overly and incredibly simple. It also makes a lot of sense, and is quite possibly the most direct connection that one can make between Jurassic World and Jurassic Park except for the fact that both take place on Isla Nubar.

If you’re not familiar, let’s give a reminder. Here is the scene with Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) talking to the kid at the dig site, played by Whit Hertford. You may also remember him as the duckface kid from Full House.

That annoying child was scared straight on the entire raptor situation, and had a look on his face as if Grant had really gotten through to him. His on-screen name was never mentioned, and nothing more was ever revealed about him.

You also hear Dr. Grant’s line to the kid to “try to show a little respect.”

Then, there is the second trailer that was released from Jurassic World, and it gives much more info about Chris Pratt’s character, who is a raptor trainer.

In the trailer, you hear him talking about the raptors and how “… it’s not about control… it’s a relationship… based on respect.” Weird, isn’t it?

jurassic world chris pratt raptor jurassic park theory

Sure, this could all be one big coincidence, and the fan on Reddit could simply be reaching for things that don’t really exist. That may be true, but let’s also not forget that Jurassic World is set to take place about 20 years after the events in Jurassic Park. In the first film, that kid was 14-years-old. Chris Pratt is currently 35-years-old.

This raptor-filled theory may have more to it than originally thought.

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