Zayn Malik: Is Perrie Edwards ‘Perrie Malik’ Now? Singer Says Psychic Predicted Relationship

Zayn Malik was destined to end up with Perrie Edwards, according to Perrie’s psychic. But has the pop power couple finally made things official by getting married?

Zayn Malik’s ladylove can be heard referring to herself as “Perrie Malik” in a video that was posted on Little Mix’s Instagram page. The short clip shows each member of Little Mix saying their names, and Perrie Edwards shocks fans by giving her moniker the big change that Zayn fans have been dreading ever since he got engaged to the girl group star. You can check out the video below.

Unsurprisingly, many Zayn Malik fans were not happy to hear the name “Perrie Malik.” They completely flipped out on Twitter, and many of them refused to believe that Zayn and Perrie are already married.

Some fans were also quick to point out that Zayn and Perrie can’t be husband and wife because Zayn is already married to another famous blonde.

Luckily for those who can’t stand the thought of Zayn and Perrie tying the knot, Gossip Cop is reporting that “Perrie Malik” was just joking around in the Instagram video. A source responded to rumors that Zayn and Perrie are already married as “rubbish” and “nonsense.” It’s possible that Perrie is just trolling the Zayn-obsessed fans who can’t stand her, but this isn’t the first time she’s dropped a hint that she and her man are already hubby and wife. According to LOOK Magazine, she referred to Zayn Malik’s mom as her mother-in-law in a recent Instagram post.

“Love the mother in-law for this! She knows me too well!” Perrie captioned a picture of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Back in April, there were whispers that Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik were planning on tying the knot at Disneyland Paris sometime this month. However, it would probably be pretty hard to pull off having a secret wedding at such a popular theme park. If they already got married at Disneyland, surely the press would have gotten wind of their wedding by now.

Many fans of Zayn Malik might not like the idea of Zayn and Perrie being together forever, but Perrie is pretty convinced that she and the former One Direction star are meant to be — she recently claimed that a psychic predicted her relationship with Malik. According to the Washington Post, her encounter with the clairvoyant happened shortly before she auditioned for The X Factor.

“She was like ‘You’re going, you’re filling out an application for something’ and I was like what? And then my mum told me that she’d written me out an X Factor leaflet and I was like wow!”

“Literally everything that she told me it’s all been bang on,” Perrie continued. “She told me who I was going to end up with, about Zayn, she told me about everything, what he looked like, what his personality was going to be like.”

It’s just a shame that the psychic didn’t tell Perrie Edwards that Zayn Malik was going to split from One Direction someday — this knowledge would have given heartbroken Directioners plenty of time to prepare for his devastating departure from the group.

[Image credits: Perrie Edwards, Zayn Malik/Instagram]

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