‘Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited’ Console Launch Rife With Issues, Perpetuating MMO Launch Problems

To say The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited had a rough launch on Xbox One and PS4 would be an understatement. The MMO launched on console June 9, and two days later, many players are still unable to log in and play the Elder Scrolls MMO.

Zenimax has acknowledged these issues, even taken the servers down for an hour yesterday, yet login and stability problems still exist for Elder Scrolls Online console players. Couple this with a crash that happened last night and those fans waiting to eagerly play this game on console have been left waiting even longer.

In a post on the forums, Zenimax has identified the issues currently known to plague the console versions of Elder Scrolls Online. The login issues are actively being corrected (with Zenimax claiming that there shouldn’t be issues at this point any longer). For those who are still experiencing login issues, Zenmiax is recommending they contact ESO’s customer support for troubleshooting.

Unfortunately, launch issues for aren’t exclusive to Elder Scrolls Online. Many major MMO releases in recent years have been plagued by server load issues. WildStar, which just announced that it’s going free-to-play, experienced major login issues last year when a DDoS attack hit the game servers. Elder Scrolls Online’s PC release wasn’t immune either, with Zenimax compensating players free in-game time when the issues were ongoing at launch.

It’s not all bad for Elder Scrolls Online fans, however. Zenimax is hard at work trying to alleviate the issues with the mega server in order to lower queue times and increase server capacity to handle the immense amount of users trying to access the megaserver. Unfortunately, these are all issues that could have been pinpointed if Zenimax held more than one console beta. Also, fans of the series who are picking it up on console should note the Elder Scrolls Online developer’s willingness to correct things and make it right for fans, as they showed with the extensive updates brought to the PC version after launch.

If you’re actually able to log in and play, you’re also in for a treat, as by all accounts it handles pretty well on the current-gen consoles. IGN is posting their review-in-progress and it explains how the combat is perfectly suited for the controller, as well as the game having more of a Skyrim-esque feel to it than the PC counterpart.

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