Kids React To Caitlyn Jenner’s Transformation: Their Thoughts Might Surprise You [Video]

If you haven’t heard about Caitlyn Jenner’s (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) transition yet, you either A. live under a rock, B. don’t care, or C. both. Just as with any controversial move by a celebrity or other important figure, some people are all for the transition, while others are giving Miss Jenner a hard time over every conceivable form of social media. Yahoo News had the brilliant idea of asking a bunch of kids how they feel about Caitlyn and her transition, and the consistency of their answers might just surprise you.

As the site mentions, the kids were presented with two different pictures of Caitlyn: one of her as a male-bodied Olympic champion, and the other as present-day Caitlyn Jenner. The reactions range from having a lot of questions, to just accepting Jenner at face value, to fighting back against the rude tweets that took a shot at poor Caitlyn. The video is courtesy of Yahoo.

Time mentioned that, even though some kids were confused at first, most ended up sympathizing with Jenner (some news outlets have even called Jenner a hero for encouraging others to be who they truly are inside). If nothing else, Jenner has certainly gained the spotlight from her transition. The introduction of Caitlyn Jenner to the world got retweets and favorites numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Not everyone’s jumping on the Caitlyn Jenner jalopy just yet, though. As the Inquisitr reported, Kris Jenner is jealous of her ex-partner’s fame, and has even supposedly thrown shade towards Caitlyn by insulting her new look. The kids interviewed were more tolerant than Kris Jenner appears to be, though some of them did have questions about how someone can go from a boy to a girl, for instance.

Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair
Caitlyn Jenner’s photo on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine. [Image Credit: Annie Leibovitz, Vanity Fair]
The specific details of Jenner’s transitioning aside, it’s interesting that the majority of kids had little problem accepting him. One of the kids quoted by Time Magazinesummed things up perfectly: “It’s important for you to be yourself, because if you’re not yourself, who are you?” Jenner has expressed this same attitude both during and before the transition, as his major reason for transitioning was simply that he would regret not doing so. What are your thoughts on Caitlyn’s transition? Do you approve or not approve and why or why not?

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