Newest ‘GTA V Online’ Update Features $10M Luxury Jet, $1.9M Car, And Top Of The Line Apparel

Grand Theft Auto (GTA V) is seriously upping the ante with the new luxurious and top-of-the-line items included in GTA V’s latest update. PC Gamer reports that the luxury items made available by today’s GTA V DLC are only the first phase of GTA’s rollout of top-tier items that can only be afforded by the most villainous of villains.

Apart from the much-awaited Ill-Gotten Gains DLC for GTA V Online released today, a ton of luxury items were released in GTA V for GTA V players to splurge on. One of the highlights of this GTA V update is the newest deluxe aircraft that could now be purchased for an astounding $10 million. Fondly named the Luxor Deluxe, the $10M jet is the more expensive of the two aircrafts included in today’s GTA V update, and is completed wrapped in liquid gold. Inside the jet is a real-life billionaire experience, because your GTA V character could actually sip champagne and smoke cigars as he flies the plane. All the hard-earned cash hoarded by GTA V players finally have somewhere to go to.

And if wasting money and ludicrous explosions in GTA V are more your thing, you can also watch IGN crash GTA V’s most expensive plane on their website here.

VG 24/7 publishes a complete list of the new cars up for grabs via the GTA V update, and we’re looking at a lot of money and extra extravagance here. If you’re a bit low on cash, you can settle for the cheaper Albany Virgo for only $195,000. But if you’ve got some GTA cash to blow and would like to flaunt your worth, then the beautiful Pegassi Osiris is more for you. For a whopping $1.95 million, you better not so much as scratch that car or worse, bring it to your more dangerous GTA V heists and blow it up.

New and exclusive luxury cars
New and exclusive luxury cars

Over at Ponsonby’s, your GTA V character could have a makeover of a lifetime with the new fashion items delivered by the GTA V update. From fur-lined coats costing over $80,000 to more badass trench coats at $60,000, this is the wardrobe fit for the passenger of the Luxor Deluxe.

The Pimp outfit at Ponsonbys
The Pimp outfit at Ponsonbys

Not enough cash on hand to afford the new golden jet or the very posh Pegasi Osiris to flaunt in GTA V Online? Well Rockstar is hoping these top-tier items now up for grabs will encourage more GTA V players to purchase in-game cash through Shark Cards. Hopefully that, and not cheating. Also, don’t forget that Rockstar will be hosting double RP and double money events this weekend so GTA V players can start saving up for that gold-plated jet.

The latest GTA V DLC is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

[Images via VG 24/7 and Attack of the Fanboy]

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