“Hunger Games” Fan? You Can Buy District 12 For $1.4 Million Dollars [Video]

Henry River Village, N.C – Are you a big fan of Hunger Games, the massive hit movie starring Jennifer Lawrence? Do you want to own a piece of the movie? Well for $1.4 million dollars you can own the 72 acre North Carolina property called Henry River Village. The town was virtually abandoned before the filming of the movie abut as the popularity of Hunger Games grows so will interest in the land.

83-year-old owner, Wade Shepherd, owns the plot of land across from the empty village. He bought it in 1987 to “protect his interests” after the lot went on the market.

Shepherd ha snot given a reason for wanting to sell, but the popularity of the movie is probably affecting the value of the land.

Shepherd said,

“I’m getting too many visitors. Day and night, they’re driving through, taking pictures, getting out and walking. I’m just bombarded with people,”

Your $1.4 million will get you several District 12 locations you’ve seen in the movie, including the Everdeens’ house and the Mellarks’ bakery.

In Hunger Games, North America has been through a global catastrophe and a series of wars which has created a new country called Panem. The country consists of a capitol and 12 outlying “districts”. The capitol is very wealthy while the districts all serve one specific need of the capitol and live in squalor. The story basically follows the children who are chosen yearly by the capitol to fight in a series of games to the death for the amusement of the country.

The Hunger Games has one of the most profitable opening weekends in Hollywood’s history.

Watch the official Hunger Games Trailer

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