‘Destiny’ Prison Of Elders: Kaliks Reborn Strategy Guide

Kaliks Reborn is the boss of the “Machine Wrath” Prison of Elders encounter in Destiny. Veteran PlayStation and Xbox players may recognize the Servitor boss as a rebuilt Kaliks-12 from one of the Wanted bounties given out by Petra Venj. This is a guide to help Guardians understand the mechanics and beat the boss to earn the Level 32 and Level 34 Prison of Elders rewards.

Note that this guide is only for the boss encounter. Please check out the Prison of Elders General Strategy Guide for tips on how to get through the first four rounds of any encounter.


Like all the other bosses, Kaliks will spawn on the platform in the middle of the Fallen map while Vandals, Dregs, Shanks, and Captains will emerge from the door located around the edges of the map. What you are most concerned with are the five Dreg Majors (yellow-bar) that come out of the doors to the left and right of the entrance.

The gimmick with Kaliks centers on the Dreg Majors. A “Kaliks Reborn gorges on Ether” message will appear on-screen which will lead to it absorbing the Dreg Majors to replenish his health. This happens at increasing time intervals. This is further complicated by the VIP target that spawns when Kaliks’ health hits 50 percent.

Destiny Prison of Elders (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Team Makeup

A Defender Titan is useful in this fight, especially one wearing Helm of Saint-14. The rest of the team makeup does not matter as much, but Sunsinger Warlock’s and Bladedancer Hunters are favored due to their ability to self-resurrect and go invisible respectively.


Weapons-wise, a sniper rifle like Black Hammer or Icebreaker along with your best rocket launcher are the best choices in this fight so that damage can be put on Kaliks from a distance. It’s a good idea for one member of the fireteam to equip an Arc shotgun to deal with Fallen Captains since they will charge in close. Those Arc shields are the only type you’ll have to deal with so an Arc primary is a good idea as well.

Primary Strategy

The Kaliks Rebord design is essentially a repeating cycle of taking out all of the non-Dreg Major minions followed by the Dreg Majors and then deal damage to Kaliks until another round of minions and Dreg Majors spawn. You’ll continue this cycle of killing minions, killing Dreg Majors, and damaging Kaliks until the Servitor is destroyed.

When Kalik’s health hits 50 percent and the VIP spawns, fire should be directed at him to prevent him from reaching the checkpoint, which will cause you to die.

The best place for your team to setup for the Kaliks reborn encounter is the upper platform on the left side of the map. The Titan on the team should place his Ward of Dawn bubble at the intersection of the two ramps that lead to the platform. Placing the bubble here with the Helm of Saint-14 equipped will blind any enemies that try to rush your fireteam on the platform, making them easy to manage.

Another reason to setup on the upper platform is that it will draw Kaliks to the back part of the map near the cliff where you will have an excellent line of sight to shoot. It’s also easier to spot and take out the VIP target from here.

Destiny Prison of Elders Fallen Room - Left Side (Xbox, PlayStation)

Alternate Strategy

If your team desires, you can simply ignore the Dreg Majors. They will not rush your position on the upper left platform and no more than the original five will spawn. Clear out all of the other minions instead and then start shooting at Kaliks.

The Servitor will eventually absorb the Dreg Majors and regain all of his health. Continue to clear out the minions except the Dreg Majors and then damage Kaliks. The time in between the Dreg Major spawns will increase to the point where you will eventually kill Kaliks before they spawn again.

This may end up being a little more time-consuming, but is easier as well since you don’t have to worry about the Dregs.

Gjallarhorn Strategy

If you are fortunate enough to be in a fireteam where all three Guardians have a Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, you can take Kaliks down fairly quick.

Simply move to the left side of the map, have the Titan drop a bubble, and then fire away. Make sure you have a full load of rockets on hand before you start and that you have a heavy ammo synthesis available. If you are fast and accurate enough on the firing and reloads, you’ll be able to take him out before he regenerates his health.

[Images via Bungie, Destiny in-game]

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