Flying Will Return To The ‘World of Warcraft’ In A Post-6.2 Patch

Since the release of the fifth expansion to World of Warcraft, players have wondered when they will be able to fly again. The new expansion, much like the one before it, restricted players to ground mounts when it launched. However, a recent interview with the lead designer led players to believe there would be no flying in any new World of Warcraft zones or future expansions.

Just weeks ago, Ion Hazzikostas, the current lead designer of World of Warcraft, told Polygon that flying would not be coming to the expansion and it would possibly be absent in future expansions. Even the Inquisitr chimed in on the lack of flying, noting the discord its removal was creating within the game’s players.

Today, that same lead designer posted to the official World of Warcraft website with the announcement that flying is returning to the game. The Dev Watercooler post addresses the fact that many players want to take to the skies after having discovered what there is to see on the ground so players will have the option to earn the ability to fly in Warlords of Draenor.

In a post-6.2 patch, players with a number of achievements unlocked will earn the ability to fly in the expansion. Players can start working on the new achievements when 6.2 launches, but flying will be unlocked with the achievement in a follow-up patch. Earning these achievements and ultimately the ability to fly in Draenor will unlock the ability to fly for all characters on an account when the patch goes live.

World of Warcraft
The Tanaan Jungle in World of Warcraft

However, World of Warcraft players will have to jump through a few hoops to get their mounts off the ground. Unlike Mists of Pandaria where players could shell out thousands of gold on each character that needed to fly in the expansion zones, players won’t have to pay a sum in gold to fly. They will have to master their environment and the current expansion, though.

The meta-achievement “Draenor Pathfinder” will unlock flight in Draenor. It requires a number of other achievements to unlock including all of the exploring related achievements for the expansion, “Grand Treasure Hunter,” “Loremaster of Draenor,” and “Securing Draenor.” Not to mention, players will have to earn revered reputation with three of the new Tanaan Jungle factions. WoWhead already has a nice list of links set up for players looking to start working on the achievements now.

In addition to being able to fly, the meta-achievement also rewards a Soaring Skyterror mount. When the World of Warcraft 6.2 patch launches, a player that earns the “Draenor Pathfinder” achievement will be rewarded immediately with the new mount. Players should note that flying will not be unlocked with the achievement until a post 6.2 minor patch.

Is this the right way to bring flying back to the World of Warcraft?

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