Has Paul Teutul Jr. Really been Fired from American Chopper?

Paul Teutul Jr., Paul Sr. and Mikey have been entertaining American Chopper fans for going on 7 seasons now and just when you think the fights and arguments couldn’t get any worse without someone getting killed, a more volatile argument breaks out.

Paul Sr, threatens to fire Paul Jr., at least once or more every season, but paulie always strolls back into the shop with his coffee and his tail between his legs. But this season, according to statements made during an interview with Paul Teutul Sr. in the New York post, Paulie may have been late for work once too often.

“Don’t forget, it’s been seven years together, doing 26 shows a year,” says Paul Sr. “After a period of time, if things don’t change they just accumulate and that’s basically what happened. But I think people recognize what’s going on — and the fact that Paulie’s lazy.”

Now if you’ve been watching American Chopper as long as I have, you’ll know that Paul Sr. has said things like this before. It’s reality TV and what would the show be without Paulie? Just another show about building bikes?

At any rate, here’s a quick video of Paul Teutul Jr. and one of their most recent squabbles [Warning: NSFW]

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