Netflix Deal With Marriott Brings Personalized Service To Hotel TVs

In a “first of its kind” partnership, television streaming service Netflix has announced upcoming plans to bring personalised user service to the popular international hotel chain, Marriott. The deal between the two businesses will offer 62 million Netflix members direct access to their personalised streaming account in select Marriott guest rooms.

In a press release from Marriott Hotels, the partnership was described as a move that will “revolutionize the guest room entertainment experience.” Guests, both old and new, will be able to use hotel-provided internet service to sign up to Netflix for the first time, and even sign into existing accounts — bringing their favorite shows with them for the duration of their stay.

Vice President brand manager of Marriott Hotels, Matthew Carroll, discussed how the new partnership, trialled earlier in the year, brought more of the quality entertainment guests wanted to the hotel service, with an even greater personalised twist.

“Our collaboration with Netflix responds to changing consumer preferences in the way our guests access and watch content, while recognizing the leading role Netflix is playing in driving this transformation. Because consumers are choosing to take their streaming content with them when they travel, Marriott Hotels is making the industry’s first rollout of Netflix a priority.”

The agreement has currently brought Netflix to six major hotel locations across the U.S., including one in Manhattan, with plans to launch six more during this summer with locations including Washington, San Francisco, and Atlanta. The rollout is moving quickly and effectively, as the service is installed rapidly into the guest experience.

Marriott Hotels plans to expand Netflix to up to 100 of its properties by the end of 2015, and to almost all of its more than 300 properties in the U.S. by the end of 2016.

Similarly, global head of business development at Netflix, Bill Holmes, regards the decision to be a move in line with the wants and needs of the growing Netflix consumer base.

“Our members tell us they want to watch Netflix anytime, in any place where they have an Internet connection. Through our partnership with Marriott, they’ll get to watch their favorite movies, TV shows and Netflix originals on big screens just like they do at home.”

While Netflix is currently expanding strictly within the Marriott Hotel chain and representatives thereof, the company has plans to extend their service even further in the future, the press release states. The move is certainly one founded in the interest of business, the decision is entirely in line with the wants and needs of the growing number of Netflix users.

The popularity of the online streaming service is generating even better TV as “Netflix Originals” have grown in popularity with series’ such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Daredevil.

[Image credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images]

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