Jessa Duggar Breaks Social Media Silence, New Investigation Launched Against Her Family

Jessa Duggar’s fans expected her to follow in her sister’s footsteps by giving birth on TV, but 19 Kids and Counting might not return if troubles keep mounting for the Duggar family. Jessa recently tried to resume her normal life by getting back on Instagram and sharing photos with her fans, but, behind the scenes, her family is dealing with more turmoil — the Duggars are reportedly being investigated again.

According to Us Weekly, Jessa Duggar shared the first photo of Baby Seewald on her Instagram page. The 19 Kids and Counting star’s growing fetus is currently 19 weeks and 3 days old and is expected to arrive on November 1, which just happens to be the day that she married husband Ben Seewald.

“Your daddy and I love you soooo much!” the 22-year-old mom-to-be captioned the ultrasound photo below. “#FirstUltrasound w/ @BenSeewald.”

Jessa Duggar Ultrasound

Jessa Duggar went silent on social media shortly after her older brother, Josh, admitted to sexually molesting four of his sisters and one other girl. Jessa and her older sister, Jill, later revealed that they were two of Josh’s victims, and they decided to tell their side of the story during an interview with Fox News‘ Megyn Kelly.

Ben Seewald still hasn’t shared anything on his own Instagram page since Josh Duggar made his molestation confession, so perhaps he’s having a difficult time dealing with this shocking revelation and moving on with his life. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, were quick to get back to posting baby Israel updates after the Fox News interviewed aired.

A source recently told People that Jessa Duggar and Jill Duggar are doing their best to put the aftermath of Josh Duggar’s actions behind them, and the girls truly believe that they “suffered very little from what Josh did” — they’re still more upset that the police report documenting their brother’s actions was released. However, now the girls just want to get back to living their lives — on or off TV.

“If they are never on TV again, they’d be fine with it. … They are content to keep lying low, but they don’t want people to think they’re living their lives cloaked in shame. They hope to regain some semblance of normalcy.”

While Jessa and Jill might be moving on, it sounds like things aren’t going so well over their parents’ house. According to In Touch Weekly, the Duggar family was recently investigated again, and they made things difficult by refusing to cooperate with the authorities.

On May 27, a Washington County Department of Human Services employee was reportedly sent to check on a minor living in the family’s home in Arkansas, and the Duggars refused to comply with their request to see the child. The DHS worker had to call the police to ask for assistance. In Touch uncovered this information by using a Freedom Of Information Act request to obtain a copy of the DHS employee’s 911 call. Because DHS records are not available to the public, the call is the only record of the incident. This means that In Touch would have been unable to learn anything about the investigation if the Duggars had just cooperated with the DHS.

It’s important to note that there’s no information on why the DHS was checking on one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s children, so it’s possible that the investigation possibly had nothing to do with another instance of sexual molestation. It’s also not proof of guilt — anyone can call a hotline and make a complaint. If the allegation is serious enough, it will be investigated.

Unfortunately for the Duggars, their refusal to cooperate with the authorities isn’t going to do anything to improve their public image, whether they’re guilty of any wrongdoing or not. 19 Kids and Counting is in danger of being cancelled, and this incident certainly won’t help their cause — fans of the TLC show who have seen the police reports already know that Jim Bob and Michelle’s previous refusal to cooperate with the authorities ended very badly. Instead of turning Josh Duggar in, Jim Bob and Michelle allowed him to keep living in their house, and he eventually molested his five-year-old sister. Maybe the most fans of the family should hope for is that rumored Jessa Duggar and Jill Duggar spin-off series.

19 Kids and Counting fans might be relieved to learn than Jessa Duggar and Jill Duggar are moving on with their lives, but now it looks like they might need to be worried about the kids who are still living with Jim Bob and Michelle.

[Image credits: Jessa Duggar / Instagram]

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