‘Pitch Perfect’ Franchise Moving Forward With Third Film

Everyone knew this was coming. After Pitch Perfect 2 exploded in theaters, taking in nearly $70 million its opening weekend (on a budget of $29 million, no less), a sequel was inevitable. It was only a question of when and with whom Pitch Perfect 3 would move forward. Now, THR is reporting that Kay Cannon, writer of the first two Pitch Perfect flicks, is in negotiations with Universal to scribe the third installment.

While a sequel is inevitable, another huge question of where the story will go from here. When writing Pitch Perfect 2, writer Kay Cannon no doubt planned for the long term, bringing in Hailee Steinfeld to “carry the torch,” so to speak, for veterans Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, who were the focus of the first two films. Given the mammoth success of Pitch Perfect 2, however, the filmmakers are likely trying to find a way to incorporate Kendrick and Wilson into the third film.

Kendrick and Wilson
Up Front: Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect 2 as Beca and Fat Amy, respectively.

The problem, of course, lies in the going rate for the pair. According to THR, the pair each received $2 million for their roles in Pitch Perfect 2, and given their increased popularity in Hollywood, that number could only go up. It’s for this reason that the producers locked down Hailee Steinfeld in the first place, but will the franchise carry the same credibility without Kendrick and Wilson? It’s quite a tall order, to be sure, as expectations are now at an all-time high for Pitch Perfect 3.

The cast isn’t the only thing in question here. Pitch Perfect 2 marked actress Elizabeth Banks’s feature directorial debut, and after the film’s success, will she be returning to the director’s chair for the third installment? It’s impossible to say for sure, but the prospects look good. After all, Banks wasn’t just an actress/director in the franchise. She also served as one of the producers in both Pitch Perfect films. As one of the big stewards for the franchise, her coming back as director wouldn’t be a huge surprise. The biggest obstacle keeping her from returning would be her own personal preference. After dipping her toe into directing, would she rather come back to a series she knows so well, or try her hand at something completely new? Either way, Banks will likely leave the franchise in good hands.

Elizabeth Banks
Director Elizabeth Banks on the set of Pitch Perfect 2.

Are you excited to see Pitch Perfect 3? Do you think the franchise could survive on Hailee Steinfeld’s talents, or do Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson need to come back? Let us know your thoughts below!

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