Caitlyn: Plastic Surgeons Detail Feminization Procedures For Caitlyn’s ‘Transgender Cultural Milestone’ Surgery [Video]

Caitlyn’s plastic surgeons are revealing all the details of the plastic surgery procedures involved in transforming Caitlyn, formerly Bruce, Jenner into a stunning female figure. Dr. Gary Alter and Dr. Harrison Lee revealed that they are responsible for Caitlyn’s plastic surgery, reported Us Weekly.

“She’s extremely happy with the results, and we are too,” said Alter.

The plastic surgeons work both in Manhattan and Beverly Hills. For Caitlyn, they divided tasks. Alter performed the “body work” procedures, while Dr. Lee did the facial feminization surgery.

And Caitlyn was in surgery for a full day, revealed Dr. Alter.

“The surgery took all day. We knew it would be a long procedure and everything was planned ahead of time, and we’re very fortunate that everything has gone very well… She healed fabulously. She was a very quick healer.”

When the plastic surgeons viewed the 65-year-old’s female figure debut on Vanity Fair‘s now-famous cover, they were delighted with the results of their work.

“I thought she looked absolutely beautiful,” exclaimed Alter.

In addition, the plastic surgeon revealed that Caitlyn feels the procedures allowed her to live the life which she had dreamed of.

“She’s extremely pleased with her transition. She’s getting along with her life in the manner that she’s always dreamed.”

But Dr. Lee confessed that he was nervous about the surgery, recognizing that the results of his work would be viewed — and judged — around the world.

“I entered [the surgery] with some trepidation of course. I figured it was gonna be very challenging because of her celebrity status and the fact that she’s going to finally expose herself for [who] she is, and it’ll be one of the most judged faces on the planet.”

Now that it’s over, however, the plastic surgeon is quick to bask in the results of his work and also praise Caitlyn, reported the New York Daily News.

“She healed like the Olympic champion she is,” said Lee.

In addition, Caitlyn autographed a Vanity Fair magazine with “Thank you so much” and “Great job” written on the cover.

Lee explained that the facial feminization includes all aspects of the face, from the nose to the lips to the location of the eyebrows. Both bony and soft tissues of the face are impacted.

In contrast, transgender body procedures may include buttocks implants, fat injections, and breast implants. Caitlyn’s plastic surgeons did not specify precisely which procedures they actually performed on Jenner.

However, Dr. Alter emphasized that he recognizes the significance of Caitlyn’s transformation, which will be detailed in the I Am Cait docu-series. Promos for the series have begun to circulate, as shown below.

“It was an honor. This is a cultural milestone for transgender patients. This enables other transgender patients to be better accepted and enables society to better understand what they go through. She has just been a tremendous asset for the transgender community, building better understanding of what transgender people go through psychologically, the difficulty of living with this secret – one of the ultimate secrets you can keep.”

As to whether additional procedures will be performed, Dr. Alter said that it is up to Caitlyn to decide whether to visit the plastic surgeons for anything other than follow-up visits.

As the Inquisitr reported, Caitlyn, formerly Bruce, Jenner allegedly underwent breast implant surgery even before the interview with Diane Sawyer.

He then received help from his daughters shopping.

“Bruce did not know what size to go with and his girls told him that he would look best with a C cup,” said a source. “They agreed that a solid C would look best on his body type and size.”

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