Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: New Tell-All Book Could Lead To Murder Investigation Focused On Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina Brown is still clinging to life months after she was found unresponsive in a bathroom, but new revelations suggest that police may be already starting a murder investigation focused on her boyfriend, Nick Gordon.

A new tell-all book is casting doubt on the true cause of Bobbi’s collapse and the role Gordon may have played.

In a new book titled Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame, author Ian Halperin unveiled a number of shocking revelations about Bobbi, her life, and drug addictions. In the book, Halperin noted that Bobbi Kristina Brown had strange marks on her mouth and chin when she was found unconscious.

Halperin suggests that someone may have tried to dunk her in water and slap her face to avoid a drug overdose.

“Despite the countless warnings against this dangerous practice,” he wrote, “I find a staggering amount of people on drug abuse forums advising people to use the cold-water method and slap the victim’s face.”

While he may not explicitly blame Nick Gordon, other rumors have indicated that Brown’s boyfriend could be the subject of a murder investigation.

Reality TV Magazine reported that reluctance among some of Bobbi’s family members to take her off life support could be related to suspicions of Gordon.

“But, Brown’s family has not budged on their decision to keep Gordon away from Brown, which leads us to believe there is something more going on. And previously, reports surfaced claiming that the family thought perhaps Gordon had a hand in what happened to Brown, and if the latest rumors are true, he very well had the motive for hurting her. In fact, according to a new report from Enstarz, Brown was seeing another man, and coincidentally, the night before her drowning, happened to be the same night that Gordon found out about it. Yeah, doesn’t sound so coincidental now, does it?”

Halperin’s tell-all had some other revelations. In the book he disputed the claims reported throughout the media that her boyfriend Nick Gordon was adopted by Whitney Houston when he was 10.

Halperin instead found that Gordon moved in when he was 18 and got kicked out of his own home.

In an interview with the Wrap, Halperin said police have “botched” the investigation not necessarily out of incompetence but because the Roswell police department is small and lacking in resources.

Halperin used the attention generated by the tell-all book to call on a larger police department to pick up the case.

“I’m suggesting that the Atlanta PD takes it over if we don’t get concrete results soon on this investigation. It’s taken way too long. They’re a small police department. I’m not faulting them, but I think it’s just a different magnitude. They’re not used to stuff like this, especially with all the media watching over them. I really think they need help to get to the bottom of it. Remember, she had bruises on her. Every day that passes, she’s irreversibly brain-dead, they’re not going to be able to do a proper autopsy, because bruises heal when you’re in a coma. That’s a fact.”

Despite the widespread rumors, there is no hard evidence that Nick Gordon is under investigation for murder for the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, or even that he had any involvement at all.

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