Matthew Dellavedova Update: Admitted To Cleveland Clinic Hospital For Further Treatment

There’s no denying the hustle of Cleveland Cavaliers player Matthew Dellavedova. As reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, it was in part due to the big hustle of Dellavedova that helped lead the Cavs to a 96 to 91 win over the Golden State Warriors in Tuesday night’s game. Instead of speaking about the win after the game, Dellavedova didn’t speak to reporters but was admitted to the famous Cleveland Clinic Hospital for treatment.

Dellavedova gave it his all by putting in 38 minutes of gameplay, and the point guard suffered from extreme cramping after that all-out effort. He received intravenous fluids in the locker room after Game 3, which put the Cavs ahead of the Warriors 2 to 1 in the heated series.

While Dellavedova was able to walk on his own through the parking lot garage, he was transported by ambulance to the Cleveland Clinic Hospital and admitted, where part of his further treatment included treatment for his severe cramping.

Whereas hospital privacy laws tend to keep high wraps on the updated condition of patients, Dellavedova and his major role in the NBA playoffs lead to a high amount of interest in his minute-by-minute updated condition. As such, Sports Illustrated reports that the Cavs will update the public on 24-year-old Dellavedova’s condition during Wednesday’s practice.

The Australian, whose complex last name of Dellavedova has been butchered by many a sports announcer and fan, has found himself in the center of controversy as of late. Dellavedova had been considered a dirty player by some sports fans, especially when a highlight reel of Dellavedova’s hard hustle and ball-diving play has been deemed a little too dangerous to other players.

On Wednesday, however, the efforts of Dellavedova have been largely celebrated, and with news of Dellavedova’s hospitalization comes deep concern about his health. The most recent reports claim Dellavedova ran out of gas after his amazing game efforts.

With other integral Cavs players enduring injuries that have left them sidelined in business suits and street clothes cheering on their team instead of in Cavs’ uniforms on the floor, fans want to ensure Dellavedova will be able to suit up and hit the ground running for Game 4 against the Warriors on Thursday.

As reported by the Inquisitr, plenty of NBA players recently showed up in the viral video of them reading mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live that fans have tweeted about the ball players. Perhaps once Dellavedova helps LeBron James lead the Cavs to total victory, he can appear in the next installment.

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