Russell Brand’s Shock On-Air Request To Well-Known TV Personality: ‘I Wanna See My Kid’

Russell Brand has caused a new wave of controversy this week, following his appearance on Australia’s The Project television show last week, Perth Now reported.

The controversy surrounds Australian television and radio personality Fifi Box, who is a single mother to her two-year-old daughter Beatrix “Trixie” Belle Box, and who has remained fervently silent about her daughter’s paternity, has previously reported.

After participating in an on-air interview on The Project last week, Russell Brand continued in a conversation with the show’s hosts after filming of the substantive portion of that evening’s show had completed.

During the interview, which was recorded but not televised, television personality Georgi Coghlan brought up the topic of Fifi Box, and mentioned to Russell Brand that Fifi is one of the on-again off-again hosts of the show. Russell Brand’s interest was clearly piqued at the mention of Fifi Box, and he continued with his shock admission, claiming to be the father of Fifi Box’s two-year-old daughter.

“You’re joking! Where is she? Tell her I wanna see my kid!”

Georgi continued with “She was on last night Russell, but word is you’re a bit of a fan, you’re coming to Australia, would you like me to put in a good word?”, but Russell Brand didn’t appear to have heard the last line, and the conversation was stopped immediately.

“I think they’ve cut off my audio.”

Whether that was done deliberately by the show’s producers to ward off an uncomfortable conversation is unknown, but the situation was abruptly stopped.

And while the conversation between Georgi Coghlan and Russell Brand didn’t go to air at the time, it made its way to the airwaves when it was played back for Fifi Box’s comments, live on air on Tuesday, May 9.

In the last moments of Tuesday’s episode, Australian TV personality Peter Hellier brought up the topic, asking Fifi Box if she knows Russell Brand.

Fifi was clearly taken aback by the question, though she answered in the affirmative.

“I do, I’ve interviewed Russell a few times over the last few years.”

Peter Hellier’s explained the reason for his question.

“We were chatting to him last week and had a lovely chat with Russell, very interesting guy, funny guy. Charming. He hung around a little bit after the show, we got chatting to him, and Georgi [Coghlan] asked him about you, because we knew there were maybe some interviews, and this is what he said.”

They then cut to footage of the previously un-aired moment between Georgi Conklin and Russell Brand.

Carrie Bickmore, another of Tuesday evening’s hosts, said “I can see the magazines being printed as we speak.”

Fifi Box, who was appearing more and more uncomfortable with each passing moment, did her best to have the show wrapped up without having to respond.

“I know, so can I, unfortunately we’ve gotta wrap up now. No, he’s a great guy, very funny, I do enjoy …”

The rest of the hosts were not willing to let Fifi off the hook so easily, though, with Carrie Bickmore interrupting with “You haven’t answered the question” and Waleed Aly adding “Where is the kid?”

A flustered Fifi Box finally responded.

“It’s not Russell’s, okay?”

Clearly uncomfortable by the end of the segment, Fifi Box was urging for the show to be wrapped up so that the questioning would stop. This is not to suggest that Fifi has anything to hide, but is perhaps more an indication that she felt uncomfortable being publicly questioned about her baby’s paternity, when it is clearly nobody’s business except hers, her baby’s, and the baby’s father – whomever that may be.

Russell Brand, who we recently reported saying in at least two media interviews that he would like to “gay marry” Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, seems to enjoy creating controversy and doesn’t mind putting himself at the centre of new rumours.

We’ve unearthed footage of an interview between Fifi Box and Russell Brand back in October, 2010, when the pair appeared to be on friendly terms and very comfortable with each other.

And in a poignant twist, there is also another interview between Fifi Box and Russell Brand shortly after she announced her pregnancy – the pregnancy that brought the child now the subject of this scandal.

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