Otep Shamaya Puts Attacker In His Place During Show

Metal rocker Otep Shamaya recently became the would-be victim of a violent assault during a performance in Belvedere, Illinois. However, Metal Sucks reports that the singer showed the attacker that she wasn’t going to be bullied. Now the incident has become the talk of most major music publications, and fans of metal music. She’s even given an exclusive statement through at least one source to her fans and others who may have taken interest in what happened.

The 35-year-old singer was reportedly performing with her band at Take 20 in Illinois when a so-called “fan” showed up to ruin the band’s meet-and-greet with other fans. According to Otep’s statement through Metal Sucks, the fan was belligerent and unruly when he began harassing the band’s guitarist Aristotle. The man, who had been drinking, was also seen throwing a woman into a monitor board. This ultimately caused an audio disruption during the band’s performance. The problem then escalated with this drunk and rude fan when he tried to grope the female frontwoman during an onstage event that included other fans.

The man reportedly tried to rush Otep at least twice, but the lithe performer was quicker than he. She reportedly smashed him in the head multiple times with her microphone in order to defend herself against his oncoming attacks. During this incident he reportedly slurred obscenities at her, calling her the C-word among other expletives. In the performer’s statement to her fans, she was apologetic, though it seems that her attacker should be the one apologizing.

“I’d like to thank everyone, all the fans and supporters, the venue and their security, who stood by me during the unfortunate altercation after our performance. Our shows do get wild and riotous but this was different. I apologize for all the blood but I was being physically threatened and had to defend myself. Thanks again for your unending support.”

This is also not the first time Otep Shamaya has been attacked, unfortunately, but she’s an outspoken advocate against bullying and violence against women. This tends to ruffle some feathers and can put her in the paths of folks who may not respect what she does. Earlier this year the singer was allegedly assaulted by a member of the band Terror Universal. Loudwire reports that the singer’s band was dropped from a tour because of her claims against her fellow musician. Hopefully these violent attacks don’t become the norm — especially since the band is on tour until the end of July.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Otep Shamaya

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