As Season Finale Airs, ‘iZombie’ Creator Teases Major Season Two Bombs

Warning: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for iZombie.

As far as finales go, iZombie really gave viewers an eyeful, and it may take the entire hiatus for iZombie fans to completely wrap their heads around everything that took place tonight. First, a scuffle between Blaine (David Anders) and Major (Robert Buckley) ended with Liv (Rose McIver) giving up her cure. She divided the treatment up, giving half to Blaine and half to Major. Of course, that decision came after the entire truth about Liv’s existence and the lies she’d told to keep her secret created a meltdown for a normally cool Major.

That wasn’t the only explosion on tonight’s iZombie finale, and the second one was far less metaphorical, leaving Liv’s brother, who had innocently shown up for his first day on the job at The Meat Cute, in dire need of her blood. Naturally, a zombie couldn’t be expected to supply blood to a living person, so Liv’s refusal to donate left her on the verge of having to reveal her secret to even more loved ones. Could it get any worse?

iZombie creator and writer Rob Thomas revealed that, although his team is just getting into the second season of iZombie, there is plenty of fallout headed Liv’s way in that next iZombie season. Thomas reveals that the iZombie premiere will pick up several months after the events of the season finale, but, even after all of that time, Major is still not happy with the way Liv has handled everything.

“What he’s mad about is the same stuff that everyone in my Twitter feed is mad about in terms of feeling like Liv should’ve told him much earlier, and should’ve trusted him with that information, and that she let him go into a mental hospital and doubt his own sanity rather than tell him.”

It turns out that Liv has just as much to feel bitter about when iZombie returns, and that doesn’t help matters. The primary issue is that she had to give up the cure, her one chance to become human again, and by doing so, forgo any chance of a normal life. Mr. Thomas reveals that this puts her in a bad place, as iZombie picks up with its second season.

“I don’t think she regrets giving Major the cure, but I do think that she would do almost anything to be human again. It has not escaped her that she had that shot and passed it up. As we go into season 2, they’re missing the tainted Utopium, which might allow them to make more. Ravi’s (Rahul Kohli) holy grail in season 2 is trying to track that down. I’m glad you picked up on all those things because there’s so much going on in that final episode that Liv never slows down to even let the audience consider the fact that she’s giving up her own shot when she gives Major that injection.”

Another problem that surfaces with iZombie‘s return is what will happen now that Blaine is human. Rob reveals that giving him the cure has unforeseen consequences that stem from the fact that Blaine’s zombie clients no longer fear him. Thomas reveals that, if Blaine is to survive, much of iZombie‘s season 2 will have him pretending to be a zombie, just as he had been trying to pass himself off as a human.

A much wider consequence to be dealt with when iZombie returns is the realism of Blaine’s assertion that zombies will overrun the city without him to provide their brains.

“That much is true. Also, in the finale, Vaughan (Steven Weber) lays down this gauntlet that will be a big part of the story for season 2. He says to his scientist, “You work on this Super Max and I will make sure to eliminate the zombie problem.” That’s going to be a new development in season 2. Zombies are going to start going missing. One of the things we want to do is make very strange bedfellows out of Liv and Blaine. They find themselves having to work together to fight a bigger evil.”

As far as Peyton (Aly Michalka), Thomas couldn’t confirm her return at this time. Ms. Michalka had left to do a pilot for another series, but, as that show wasn’t picked up, Thomas is hopeful that Peyton will return to iZombie.

“We love Aly Michalka and the show is definitely better with her in it.”

Referring back to the iZombie scene where Liv is compelled to refuse donating blood to save her brother’s life, the iZombie creator declined to reveal anything new about how she will deal with her family. Comparing Liv to Clark Kent and Superman, he says the character should keep her secret from some of her friends and family.

“That is one that I want to keep secret. That’s the question that I want fans discussing and seeing what they think before we launch in season 2. I know the answer to that question, but that’s one I want them thinking about.”

iZombie will premiere on the CW network in the fall.

[Featured image: Rose McIver courtesy of the CW network/iZombie]

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