WWE News: Bray Wyatt Advertised For ‘Money In The Bank’ — Will He Be Added To The Ladder Match?

Leading up to Bray Wyatt’s program with The Undertaker, which culminated at this past year’s WrestleMania, he was an unstoppable force, coming out as the clear winner of each of his feuds starting with Dean Amrbose in October of last year. But, since his loss to “The Phenom” at WrestleMania, Wyatt has somewhat floundered, which is apparently due to the creative team having nothing for him.

When Rusev went down with his foot injury right before the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, there was some speculation that Wyatt would be his replacement and win the Intercontinental Championship. There was some talk of putting Wyatt in the match, but WWE didn’t want to have him win the title, so they decided to have Mark Henry replace Rusev instead because they didn’t want to beat Wyatt.

Wyatt hasn’t been booked on three of the last five RAW shows, and in his last appearance, he lost to Roman Reigns. As of right now, Wyatt isn’t booked on this Sunday’s Money in the Bank show, but, he is being advertised for the show on the WWE events page, which could mean that he will get added to the Money in the Bank ladder match to make it an even eight people.

There has been rumors of WWE turning Bray Wyatt babyface, which is entirely possible. However, as of right now, WWE is lacking strong, main-event level heels, which could change this Sunday if Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose end up turning, which has also been rumored.

Another rumor is that WWE is going to put the Wyatt family back together, which would consist of the original group — Wyatt, Harper and Rowan — with the addition of Wyatt’s brother Bo Dallas.

Wyatt’s last program was with Ryback, which ended with Wyatt defeating “The Big Guy” at WWE Payback. The feud between the two was booked because WWE creative had nothing better for either guy to do, which is why it only lasted for one match. Of course, Ryback is now the Intercontinental Champion, which could mean that Wyatt will be a future challenger, but only if WWE feels like putting the belt on him.

Due to Wyatt being advertised for the Money in the Bank show, there’s a strong possibility that he’ll be added to the ladder match. As for what the plan is afterward, well, he’s not advertised for the following night’s RAW, so everything is up-in-the-air.

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