‘The Simpsons’ Separate: Homer Breaks Up With Marge, Finds New Love?

The Simpsons fans might be shocked to hear about the upcoming 27th season of the show — especially since Homer and Marge are reportedly breaking up!

Al Jean, an executive producer of the long-running animated series, confirmed the news of Homer and Marge’s relationship changes in a recent interview with Variety.

According to Jean, the diagnosis of a chronic sleep disorder places a major strain on the longtime marriage of Homer and Marge Simpson.

“It’s discovered after all the years Homer has narcolepsy – a chronic neurological disorder that affects the control of sleep, causing uncontrollable episodes of falling asleep, even during activities that demand attention – and it’s an incredible strain on the marriage.”

That’s right! The iconic parents of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson will split up and go their separate ways in the show’s upcoming 27th season. While Homer’s narcolepsy will cause problems between the two of them, Al Jean also confirmed that Homer’s love life will take a major turn in the new season as well.

“Homer and Marge legally separate, and Homer falls in love with his pharmacist, who’s voiced by Lena Dunham. We’ll have cameos from the other women from ‘Girls.'”

The rumors of a major character being killed off in the new Halloween episode (“Treehouse of Horror XXVI”) of The Simpsons was also confirmed by Al Jean when he spoke at the ATX Festival in Texas.

Apparently, Bart Simpson’s arch-nemesis Sideshow Bob will finally return to Springfield. According to Al Jean, The Simpsons viewers and fans “finally see [Sideshow Bob] do something he’s wanted to do for 25 years” — having a diabolical plan to kill Bart Simpson that does not fail.

Jean compared it to the “frustration comedy” concept that was used for years in cartoons — especially in the seemingly endless battle between Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.

“I hated frustration comedy so we’ll scratch that itch. So [Sideshow] Bob will finally somehow actually execute Bart – and then won’t know what to do with himself after his life’s mission has been accomplished.”

Will the death of Bart Simpson and the separation of Homer and Marge change the dynamic of The Simpsons forever?

There is a strong possibility that these events will not have lasting effects. Keep in mind that most of the things that happen during the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes are one-time occurrences. Everything is usually reset and back to normal in the very next episode.

Chances are that Homer and Marge will eventually reconcile at some point during the 27th season — especially since the series was renewed for a 28th season as well earlier this year.

However, when it comes to The Simpsons, anything is possible so only time will tell.

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